Hot Yoga Class

Boost your metabolism, burn calories, and flush out toxins with this popular yoga variation taking place in a heated studio.

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Take a Hot Yoga class at DW Fitness First

Different to a regular yoga class, hot yoga is the practice of yoga positions and breathing exercises done in a 36 degree-heated studio.

Though the added element of heat sounds like a daunting addition to the practice of yoga (which at its most dynamic can be very challenging), the high temperature is extremely beneficial to the body in many ways. Firstly, sweating throughout the class will detoxify your skin as impurities are flushed out. The heat also elevates heart rate and warms the muscles, allowing those practising to go more deeply into stretches. Lastly, exercising in heat relaxes the body, improves quality and consistency of breathing, and helps to keep the mind focussed.

Practising hot yoga regularly is great for weight maintenance and toning, as well as improving the function of your respiratory system and increasing circulation throughout the body. Like all types of yoga, hot yoga is also great for calming the mind, aiding sleep and reducing stress.

All hot yoga teachers at Fitness First are expertly trained and offer the highest level of teaching. We advise that all participants come to hot yoga classes fully hydrated and with a bottle of water for the practice. Before you attend a hot yoga class, it is also good to remember that yoga is not competitive, it's a relaxing form of exercise, and every participant should take the class at their own pace.

The type of practice can vary by instructor and for each class so you're unlilkely to have exactly same class twice


Our Hot Yoga classes can last up to 90 minutes


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