Reopening our clubs change for the better


We have loved welcoming you back to DW Fitness First. Below we answer all your frequently asked questions about the new measures we've put in place to ensure you can train safely.


What are your opening hours and will they change?

We will temporarily reduce the gym opening hours. This is to ensure that we can extensively clean the club whilst it is closed and increase the level of cleaning during operating hours, therefore keeping our staff and members safe. We'll be keeping hours under review at all times.

Opening hours may differ depending on location, but when your gym is due to open we will confirm this via email. Or please check the club page on our website.


What additional cleaning and safety measures are you putting in place?

During the closure period we have been busy preparing and making important changes as our staff and members’ safety is our highest priority. Some of the changes include contactless entry using your Core app, temperature checks prior to entering the club, additional hand sanitiser and cleaning stations with anti-bacterial spray and wipes for your use, social distancing measures in place throughout the club, including limiting the capacity where required and increased cleaning hours for our staff. For more information, please see our video above.

Have the gyms been deep cleaned?

Yes. Every gym will be expertly deep cleaned following guidance from Public Health England prior to reopening.

Are members required to wipe down equipment after use?

Yes, we request members to wipe down all equipment that you use after you’ve finished with it.
Cleaning stations with anti-bacterial spray and wipes are located throughout the club for your use.

Should I bring a sweat towel?

No. We kindly ask that you refrain from taking any towels onto the gym floor or into classes. This is to ensure that we limit any possible risk of spreading a virus, so all members are asked to only use the wipes available for wiping down equipment.

Will you have hand sanitiser available for members?

Yes, we will have hand sanitiser available at reception when you enter and at various points throughout the club.

Should I wear a mask in the gym?

You do not need to wear a mask in our gyms, but are welcome to if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Should I wear gloves in the gym?

No, please do not wear gloves whilst training. Gloves can harbour a high viral load, with easier transfer to multiple surfaces. Washing your hands with soap and using hand sanitiser before, during and after training is far more effective.


Will you be restricting the number of members allowed in the gym?

Many of our gyms differ in size, so the capacities are specific to each one, but every gym will have a maximum number of people allowed in at the same time. This will ensure that our staff and all members can maintain a safe distance from each other.

If our clubs do reach their maximum capacity, we will ask members to wait before entering. However, based on the size of our gyms and our average usage in the months prior to closing, we do not expect queues to occur and will endeavour to regularly communicate with members via email and social media channels.

To avoid any likelihood of queueing, we recommend training at a quieter time of the day.

Will I have to book to use the gym?

No. Group Exercise classes will operate with a booking system, as normal, but you will not need to book to use the gym.

Is there a time limit on my visit to the gym?

No. We will not be limiting your time in the gym, but would kindly suggest that if the gym is busy that you limit your session to 1 hour. This will allow other members the chance to train at their preferred time.

Will the changing rooms and showers be open?

All changing room facilities, lockers and showers are open and available for use, but with social distancing policies in place.
We would kindly ask you to only use the changing rooms and shower facilities if you need to – this could include arriving and leaving gym in your workout kit and showering at home if possible.

Will you still provide towels for showering?

Yes, for London gyms that previously offered a towel service as part of your membership, this will continue once we reopen. Please note, these towels are for use after showering only and are not to be taken onto the gym floor. Please support the health and safety of your fellow members and our staff by placing all used towels in the towel bins provided.

Are saunas, steam rooms or jacuzzis going to open?

No. Due to social distancing measures, we will not open saunas, steam rooms or jacuzzis for a temporary period.

Further information will be available on our website when these facilities are available to use.

Will you have group exercise classes available when you reopen?

Yes. Classes are up and running. To maintain social distancing and ensure the equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each class, we will operate a reduced timetable. This will include an extended gap between classes and a reduced capacity in each class.
Floor markings will be placed in the studio for a designated workout space per person.
All classes must be booked via the Core app or on the website.
We will continue to offer virtual live classes for any members who are not able to attend their favourite class at the gym. See our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Will you continue to offer virtual classes?

Yes. We recognise some members may not be able to get to the gym as often as you’d like to, so we will continue with our virtual timetable alongside our in-gym classes. Join us on Facebook and Instagram or see our home workout hub on the website.

Will all of the equipment be available to use?

We have, where possible, rearranged the equipment to ensure it can remain in use whilst also maintaining social distancing measures. There is however, a very small selection of large equipment in fixed locations that is not possible to relocate and may be temporarily placed out of use.
The only items of equipment we will take out of use completely are yoga mats and boxing gloves. These items are not possible to guarantee the required cleanliness standards, so we therefore request members bring their own mat for yoga classes or gloves for boxing.

Can personal trainers take sessions?

Yes. PTs will be able to deliver effective socially distanced sessions once gyms are open.
You can also book an ‘outdoor’ session with one of our PTs.

How do I book a session with a personal trainer?

Please either book directly with your personal trainer for sessions in the gym. Or if you’re interested in ‘outdoor’ sessions with one of our PTs, you can book through our website HERE

I have not yet used my sessions with a trainer from my FITX or FIT membership when I joined the gym. Can I still use these?

Yes, these sessions are still available for use and can be delivered, depending on availability of the trainers in your gym. You can book these sessions at reception in the gym.

Will pools be in use?

Yes - all of the necessary cleaning and hygiene work has been completed.

Will you be offering swimming lessons when you reopen?

No. We cannot effectively maintain social distancing for children or adults in group swimming lessons; therefore for a temporary period upon re-opening we will not be offering this service. We may be able to offer 1:1 swimming lessons in select gyms and this will be confirmed on the club page of our website and in your gym.
Further information will be available on our website and in our member emails when group swimming lessons resume.

Will water fountains be in use?

No. To maintain the highest possible level of hygiene and safety for our staff and members, we will temporarily place all water fountains out of use.
Please bring water with you or you can purchase bottled water from our fridges and vending machines in the club.

Will I still be able to purchase water, energy drinks or protein supplements?

Yes, our fridges and vending machines will be stocked and all ‘grab and go’ products will be available to purchase. Please use card payments where possible when purchasing products from our staff.

Will your additional in-gym services reopen, e.g physios etc

For our gyms that offer additional services via a third party provider, such as physios, please contact your gym or the provider directly to confirm their reopening plans.

Will sunbeds be in use?

No. For the small number of gyms that have sunbeds, we will temporarily place these out of use.


What will happen to my direct debit payments?

All direct debits were frozen from the moment we closed on March 20 and no payments were taken from that point. All payments remained frozen until our clubs reopened.

We have communicated directly with you to confirm when your direct debit will re-commence and your options if you are not in a position to return to the gym.

I paid for the full month of March, but you closed on the 20th. What happens to the days I paid for and couldn’t use?

We offered the owed days for free upon reopening, so your first payment was not taken until after this.

I paid my annual membership in full. What happens to the time I have missed?

We will extend all lump sum memberships by the period of time we were closed.

If I’m not ready to return to the gym when you reopen, what are my options?

We understand the current situation may mean some members cannot immediately return to the gym and therefore you can request for your membership to remain frozen by completing the Freeze request in the My Membership section of our website HERE

Will you be offering guest passes or free trials for potential new members?

No. Upon reopening, all usage of the gym is strictly for existing members only.
Guests are more than welcome to enquire about membership and join, but we will not be offering day passes or free trials of the gym for the foreseeable future.

Can I still bring a friend for free on Fridays?

No. For the foreseeable future, all usage of the gym is strictly for existing members only.

I’m not a member yet. Can I join DW Fitness First?

Yes. Once we are open, all gyms will accept new joiners.
You can join through the online joining section of our website HERE



We've re-positioned the equipment on the gym floor, introduced floor markings and some cardio equipment will be deactivated for now to support social distancing. 



You may notice some updates at your club, this may include staff members wearing masks and gloves and frequently cleaning high touch surfaces.



Cleaning stations are located around the gym, please help us wipe all equipment before and after use. 



We encourage all members to download the DW Fitness First CORE app to ensure a contactless entrance process.

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