Perfect Your Indoor Rowing Technique

November 16 2017

Indoor rowing is having a moment in gyms, boutique studios and health and fitness clubs across the country. The indoor rowing machine has for a number of years been the piece of gym equipment gathering dust or used for a quick warm up, but now after unlocking the potential to provide a very effective workout using 85% of the muscles in your body, indoor rowing is taking off.

If you have never been on the indoor rower, use it occasionally or used to be a rowing pro but need a refresher, check out this three-minute simple technique video with double Olympic champion Alex Gregory and British Rowing.

For more detail on the indoor rowing technique see the British Rowing website.

Indoor Rowing Technique

There are two phases of the rowing stroke:

  1. The Drive

- where you’re pushing your legs. Remember, it’s more about your legs than arms. 60% of your power should come from pushing with your legs, 30% from tensing your core and 10% from your arms.

  1. The Recovery

- where you move back to the start. Use this as a chance to rest and breathe before you take the next stroke.


  • Keep the damper setting low to prevent injuries.
  • Make sure your feet are tightly strapped in and shins vertical.
  • The sequence is key: Legs, body, arms, body, legs.
  • Keep your arms straight for as long as possible.
  • Maintain good core stability.


Now you have your technique ready, why not try this 20-minute indoor rowing workout at your local DW Fitness First