Lunge for leaner legs

March 08 2017

Looking to sculpt and tone your leg muscles? Then have a go at these four moves - perfect for any level of fitness. This leg workout incorporates exercises that have you moving in different directions. This mobility is important for hitting all the muscles in your legs and developing stronger and leaner muscles. These moves are great for mixing up your training and breaking through plateaus - try doing this workout once a week with good intensity to improve endurance and strength.


1.) Walking Lunges Loaded

Equipment Needed: Anything

How to complete: This exercise can be completed with any equipment in the gym, from kettlebells to medicine balls. Holding the weights at chest height with elbows tucked in, take a big step forward and touch your back knee gently to the ground. Finish back in a standing position by stepping the back foot in. To advance this drill, try holding the weight overhead and repeat the same leg lunge as opposed to alternating.


2.) TRX Single Leg Squat

Equipment Needed: TRX

How to complete: Adjust the TRX straps so they are thigh height when standing next to it. Holding the handles walk away from the anchor point until your arms are fully stretched. Put one foot on the floor underneath you hands and hold your other foot off the floor behind the standing leg. Bend at the knee and hip in a squat motion on one leg whist pushing the other foot sideways behind the squatting leg. Complete all the reps on one leg and then swap. TRX can be found in the freestyle zone.


3.) Low Turning Box Jump

Equipment Needed: Plyometric Soft Box (Green, Blue or Red)

How to complete: Whilst staying low in a squat position, jump onto the box. Take off facing the plyo-box, and land after twisting 90 degrees in the air so you are facing sideways. Jump back off the box and land back in the start position. Alternate the direction of twist with each jump. Plyo-boxes can be found in the freestyle zone, with different colours for different levels of fitness - green for beginners, blue for medium, and red for advanced!


4.) Front Squat

Equipment Needed: BarBell

How to complete: Instead of loading the barbell on your shoulders behind your head, try loading it on your shoulders in front of you. Once loaded, keep your feet outside of your hips, core braced and chest up. Complete the same movement - it is as if you are sitting down on a chair without stopping at the bottom. This modification has huge benefits for assisting good posture in a squat and can help with preventing back injuries. Barbells can be found in the free-weights zone of the gym.


Try these moves to improve your leg strength and endurance! Check out my Instagram page to find more fitness and wellbeing tips!