Chest workouts

March 09 2017

Looking to improve your chest strength? Take a crack at this chest workout, perfect for any level of fitness! These moves help you to incorporate variety - on chest days, it's great for making sure you hit all movements associated with chest performance, and increase enjoyment in your routine. Complete this workout once a week to see positive results.


1.) Changing Press up

Equipment Needed: Just yourself

How to complete: When doing press ups we often repeat the same hand position on the floor because we find it easier - however, with a changing hand position progression develops much faster. After each press up, try to change the hand position on the floor. Some options include; wide, narrow, one hand high, one hand low, hands twisted in or out. This is great for those who are new to training and want a challenge, as well as those who want to mix up their current routine. If you really struggle with press ups, try doing them on a box with hands higher than feet.


2.) Dumbbell Chest Press

Equipment Needed: Two Dumbbells

How to complete: Laying with your back on a bench and arms up straight lower the weights down until your elbows drop below shoulder height. Using the same theory as the press up, try changing the start and finish position with every rep to create variety.


3.) Cable Fly

Equipment Needed: Cable Machine

How to complete: Start with both cable anchors just above shoulder height. Facing away from the cable machine, take a handle in each hand and pull them into your chest, then step forward and press hands out in front of you. This is your start position; slowly control your hands as they sweep out and backwards towards the anchors. On the same path return back to the start position without bending at the elbow too much.


4.) Dips

Equipment Needed: Dip Station

How to complete: Using the assisted dip station start at the top position of the dip, with your knees underneath hips, arms straight and core brace. Slowly lower yourself down so that your shoulders travel towards your hands then press back to the start position. When starting, use the assisted dip machine to help with learning the exercise and to build strength as you progress.

Let me know how you get on with this one - make sure to keep proper form, and stop if you feel any pain to avoid injury. To see more health and wellbeing tips, check out my Instagram page!