A look at the year ahead - Fitness trends for 2015

December 18 2014

Last year, crossfit, Pilates and spinning dominated the fitness trends. So what will 2015 bring?

Every year, hundreds of people vow to improve their health and fitness by embarking on the latest fitness regimes. Some of these can be revolutionary, trends such as Pilates have been widely popular around the globe with hugely successful results. We have also seen our fair share of fitness fails. Wacky ideas such as using bags of sand as opposed to weights have been more weird than wonderful and there have been a fair few workouts designed to cheat time such as Tabata - an intense four-minute workout - which have proven that you really are better off sticking with the traditional workout to get results.

Once a type of workout becomes a trend it sweeps through gyms across the entire nation and has the contagious power to encourage people who haven’t exercised for years to want to jump in and get involved.

So how do you know what is a fad and what will become a valuable workout in the long term? Don’t worry as DW Fitness Clubs has narrowed down the best of the upcoming fitness trends, with a little help from the Worldwide Fitness Survey of 2015 conducted by Dr Walter Thompson of the American College of Sports Medicine.


Bodyweight training has blown last year’s major trend, high-intensity training (HIT), out of the water and is expected to be all the rage next year.

Utilizing your own body weight to create resistance, these powerful 30-minute group training sessions use minimal equipment to deliver a tough workout. Many people think bodyweight training is limited to completing reps of sit-ups and push ups on the floor, but it is so much more than that.

Each half-hour session explores a different resistance move created by shifting your bodyweight into different positions. The combination of rapid bursts of high-intensity movements with the weight of your own body creates a challenging cardio workout which also helps to build strength and increase muscle mass.

High-intensity interval training

Still a popular favourite, high-intensity interval training is set to stay in the routines of many gym-goers during 2015.

HIT training typically uses quick bursts of high-intensity cardio and strength exercises, followed by short periods of rest to recover before the next burst of exercise begins. You may think that resting during exercise is ineffective, but the short periods of rest (usually 10-20 seconds) are necessary for people to achieve their optimum level of performance during the high intensity stints.

HIT sessions are popular with many people as they last for around 30 minutes but can achieve the same results as a moderate 1-hour workout, an idea which is perfect for people with busy schedules struggling to fit a decent workout in.

Strength training

With so many benefits to be had, we weren't surprised to find that strength training made the list for 2015.

Lifting weights has had a renaissance over the last year, with people of all ages and abilities integrating different kinds of weights into their exercise routine. The main focus is to improve strength and build muscle, but weight training can also help to boost cardiovascular activity and it can burn more calories and fat than just doing cardio alone.

We predict that the most popular strength training classes will be ones that combine weights with dynamic moves such as classes like Body Pump, where repetitions of barbell weights are used at the same time as cardio moves. If you are interested in a class like this, come to DW Fitness Clubs and see what we have to offer.

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Personal training

As people’s interest in health and fitness increases, as does their desire for a personalised fitness plan that is guaranteed to get results. The increase in people’s passion for gaining a fitness qualification will also increase the number of qualified and professionally-skilled personal trainers available to the public.

A personal trainer is skilled in various disciplines, which can help you to achieve specific goals. All of the trainers at DW Fitness Clubs are qualified level 3 fitness professionals and are experts in a range of specialist fields, such as building muscle, flexibility, conditioning, nutritional advice, weight loss, cardiovascular training and many more.

When going it alone, it’s often hard to create a plan that will really work for you. A personal trainer can assess your goals and ability, before designing a bespoke fitness plan for your needs. They also have the power to keep you motivated and help you to measure progress and alter your plan if you need to. Meeting with a personal trainer once every couple of weeks may just be the difference in you achieving your goals or not.

Contact us here if you would like a free consultation with one of our personal trainers.


Despite being around for a while, yoga is still a contender for one of the key fitness trends of 2015. This could be due to its successful results and therapeutic effect, but we think the fact that so many high-profile sportspeople and movie stars endorse this form of exercise will also add to its appeal.

Yoga utilises stretches and poses to increase flexibility and strength. A typical yoga class not only improves physical wellbeing, they also emphasise the importance of the spiritual side of yoga, helping to enhance your mental wellbeing.

If you want to de-stress your mind while improving your fitness, sign up to a yoga class here today.