Wolf Run

June 30 2015

What was the event called and when did it take place? The event is called the ‘Wolf Run’ and took place on the 12th of April in Leamington Spa.

What charity were you raising money for and why? It was for the Checkley Charity, a member’s close family friend has cancer.

How much money did you manage to raise? We have done a couple of events now for the charity, so about £400 in total.


How many in your team took part in the event? 71!

Has the team done any similar events in the past? We’ve done a few events before but nothing on this scale!

What was the best part of the event? The atmosphere. It was amazing to have a big group photo at the start of the race and great to see 70% of people during the warm-up wearing Fitness First T-shirts! One of the highlights was the run itself – you could easily identify Fitness First members along the route and everyone commented how they ran and talked to people they didn’t know because they could see that they were part of our gym. Watching the member-to-member interaction was amazing, we also had a marriage proposal!


What was the most challenging part of the event? Reaching our goal, we wanted 100 members but £50 was out of some people’s budget, even though we did try to get a group discount.

What measures did you take to train for the event? We put two weekly Wolf Run classes on aimed around the type of things you would do on the run.

Would you do it again? Yes, I think we‘ll get 100 members next time as the buzz from the group and on Facebook has been massive.

Have you got any other events planned in future? We’re doing the Colour Run in August and we’re also trying to arrange a fitness festival this summer for charity.

Any tips for other groups taking part in similar events in future? We got all the staff involved to help create some excitement, and the free T-shirts and Wolf Run classes created a real buzz. Mainly it’s about training together – a great way to motivate everybody and create a feeling of camaraderie.