Were you our Blog On hoopla star?

May 06 2015

Last Saturday, DW Fitness Clubs was invited into the world of bloggers, hosting a stand at the Blog On conference in Manchester.

The event was intended to bring different bloggers together to share their experiences, learn from experts and network with brands. Held at the Museum of Science and Industry, the day promised a colourful, vibrant atmosphere with eager bloggers from all over the country attending.

Over the last few months we have worked with a number of amazing bloggers who have joined in with our ‘40 Days of Fitness’ campaign, and we are currently helping 10 bloggers to achieve their summer weight-loss goals, as part of our 12-week ‘Slip Into Summer’ campaign. DW Fitness Clubs is always looking to get more involved in the vibrant and varied blogging community, so a chance to get to know 125 bloggers at the Blog On event couldn’t be missed.

We wanted to create a fun experience that people could really interact with during the event, so instead of just talking to people on the stand we invented a fun, high-energy hula-hooping championship! We asked bloggers to spin to win, by seeing just how long they could keep spinning their hula-hoop for. We asked the bloggers to record their times and hang them on our leaderboard, ready to announce the winner of the gym bag at the end of the day.


Protein pic


Hula-hooping is a fantastic exercise for strengthening and toning your core and working your abdominal muscles, including your internal and external obliques. Even basic hula-hooping can create a fast-paced cardio workout, which you can make more challenging by squatting, punching the air and generally moving around while you are spinning the hoop. You can do this kind of workout from anywhere and in a fairly small space, plus it’s suitable for all fitness abilities.

The world record for hula-hooping is 74 hours and 54 minutes (while we had high hopes for the bloggers’ hula-skills, we certainly didn’t expect anyone to go for that long!) and the bloggers had a host of times ranging from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. However, the clear winner of the day was Leyla, from This Day I Love, who kept her hoop spinning for an impressive 3-and-a-half minutes, what a hoopla-star!

We had loads of fun meeting bloggers and sharing fitness tips at Blog On. If you want to get involved in the social media community, then join in with the weekly #FitnessRevolution twitter chats, hosted every Wednesday at 9pm. We’d love to hear your motivational stories, tips and chat about living a healthy active life!