The best events to watch at the 2016 Olympic Games

September 21 2015

You might remember Em Sheldon’s recent post about the new events that will feature in the Olympic Games in 2016, so we thought we’d spotlight some more and let you know of one sport that should be making a long-overdue reappearance! We spoke to Lloyd Griffiths from blog The White List about his pick of the new events and which sports he’ll be tuning into.

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are almost upon us! It feels like only yesterday that we were living it up at the opening ceremony of London’s Olympic Games back in 2012 -- sigh! The opening ceremony was unforgettable, with a parachuting Queen, crazy amounts of fireworks, some rather cuddly mascots – oh yes, and the games themselves! What an unforgettable summer.

Four years later and we’re gearing up to enjoy next year’s games, this time in the sunnier –and significantly warmer – climes of Rio de Janeiro. Unlike rainy ole’ London, the only reason to open your brolly will be for protection from the sun on Copacabana beach! But enough about our sun-seeking preparations, it’s the games we are truly interested in…

What events are new?

One thing that will slightly change in Rio is the inclusion of a few really awesome events and some resurrected – contests, with 2016 bringing an array of action-packed events where we can cheer and support Team GB. Don’t forget to look out for some of Rio’s newly included events:

Wind Surfing

Although Richard Branson may be a little upset about the removal of kite surfing from Rio, the good news is that is windsurfing has reclaimed its rightful place back into the Olympic line up. Judges will be looking for some innovative and progressive manoeuvres, skilled speed across the waves, alongside a physical stamina that is second to none.


Rugby has once again become an integral event in the Olympic calendar. In a faster paced game of rugby than we’re used to seeing with the World Cup, this game of Sevens is all about teamwork and precision.


Perhaps the most sedate of all the events on offer in Rio next year. For most of us, the aim of the game seems to involve hitting a small golf ball into a hole that hundreds of yards away! Judges will be looking out for players that are at the very top of their fitness, precision and stamina game – no bogeys allowed!

Which three events are the ones to watch?

First off, Rugby! Any Celtic-blooded man or woman will be jumping with joy at its inclusion next year, since first emerging at the 1900 Paris Olympics. Rugby Sevens is a fast-paced game that requires a great deal of strategy, teamwork and stamina. I’m pretty certain Team GB will score a few good tries.

Secondly, fast like lightning – Usain Bolt will be competing at the Rio 2016 Athletics events! As one of this decade’s most prolific athletes, Mr Bolt will draw huge crowds, so book your tickets early to avoid disappointment! Don’t forget to check out one of the worlds most celebrated female track and field athletes, Yelena Isinbaeva. Representing Russia, Isinbaeva is a three-time world champion and world record holder in pole vaulting – she even became the first woman in the world to clear the five-metre barrier in 2009. Her domination of the athletics track has made her one of the favourites to secure gold for her country at Rio next year.

Thirdly, why not get inspired by the wrestling events? Positioned as a combat sport between two opponents, the aim of Greco-Roman wrestling is to force and pin your opponent’s shoulders onto the ground. Interestingly, it is one of the world’s oldest recorded sports. Watch this space to see if Team GB’s, Myroslav Dykun will be able to compete in 2016!

What should be included in the Games?

For the last ninety years, the tug of war event has been missed out – how could they? I say we start a petition to get this much-loved event re-instated! Let us give the good old, tug of war the respect it deserves! After all, Team GB was the only team to receive two gold medals in its short-lived history as an Olympic event – I knew we were good at something!