Students! Beat the deadline stress with exercise

December 09 2014

The year is swiftly drawing to a close, which for many means it’s time to relax and enjoy the Christmas festivities. But for the majority of students, December only means one thing - deadline day.

Like the personalised Rudolph jumper you don’t want to receive from your aunty, universities love to bestow the gift of coursework upon their students during December. Chances are you’ll have a whopping project in for the last day of term, with some complementary exams thrown in for good measure.

University is a fantastic time in a student’s life and the ups and downs are just part of the experience. But the NUS found that a staggering 92% of students have felt down, stressed and demotivated during their time at university, with 65% attributing this to coursework and a further 54% stating that exams were the cause. With so much pressure to perform well and meet deadlines, many students are missing out on the more enjoyable side of uni such as socialising with friends and getting involved in extracurricular activities.

Beat the university stress by working out

Exercise has been proven to improve your wellbeing and lower your stress levels. Your body naturally releases endorphins when you exercise, which are hormones that lift your mood and make you feel happier.

People that workout regularly often look forward to an hour of their day where they solely dedicate it to exercise and improving their fitness, rather than worrying about work or other life stresses.

Improve your sleeping pattern

After a hard day studying, all you want to do is get into bed and sleep. But does your mind seem to go into overdrive as soon as your head hits the pillow, causing you to lie awake worrying about uni work until the early hours of the morning?

Sleep is essential for us to function. During sleep, your body repairs itself, builds muscle and improves brain functionality. The Great British Sleep Survey reported 74% of people who had less sleep felt they had decreased productivity. After a bad night’s sleep you’ll have trouble concentrating, will be more irritable, and less likely to work as hard. Not ideal if you have an 11 hour library session ahead of you!

Participating in moderate-intensity exercise, such as jogging for half an hour, has been proven to reduce the length of time it takes to fall asleep. This is because your body naturally “tires itself out” physically, as opposed to being stationary for most of the day. As exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, it could be that you are less likely to lie awake worrying if you have worked out the stress at the gym. Exercising regularly will also give you more energy, ready to combat the day ahead!

Get social

While university is primarily about learning new things, a massive part of it is about making new friends and socialising. According to a survey by Youthsight, 29% of students feel that they don’t fit in at uni, which leads to low feelings and stress.

Exercising is a great way to boost your self esteem and make some new friends. By joining an exercise class you get the chance to meet loads of new people, and as you have a common interest you can easily strike up a conversation before or after class. Exercise makes people happier so they will be more open to chatting - you never know, you might just become workout buddies!

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