How was the first week of your #FitnessRevolution?

February 25 2015

The first week of our 40 Days of Fitness Challenge kicked off with a bang, with everyone making fantastic progress over the seven days.

With the help of social media, we’ve been able to follow your fitness journey by reading your blogs and tweets and also seeing photos of your progress. The amount of participation has been amazing so far, but if you’ve missed the first week don’t worry as you can join in at any point of the challenge. If you fancy playing catch up, you can find all of the information about the challenge in our post here.


Have you completed your challenge for the day? I managed 30 squat jumps, 68 star jumps and 30 sit ups! #FitnessRevolution

— Jordan (@mygenerallife) February 21, 2015



Planking challenge for #FitnessRevolution today! What's everyone's time? I wanna know what I'm up against!

— Jessica Wilby (@_Philocalist) February 20, 2015


We will also be hosting a twitter chat every Wednesday at 9pm (GMT), where you can ask us any questions you have regarding the challenge, meet other fitness enthusiasts who are also participating and generally have a good old natter about health and fitness! Simply use the hashtag #FitnessRevolution in your tweets to join in.

Rest day has been and gone and today brings a new fitness challenge, a 25-minute walk, jog or run, encouraging you to push yourself 5 minutes harder than you did last week. With a long way of the journey still to go, we thought this would be an opportune time to check in and offer some midweek advice.

Different levels

The challenge includes 3 different levels of experience; beginner, intermediate and expert. There is no shame in starting at beginner level, it is a 40 day challenge after all. Don’t push yourself if you feel like something is out of your comfort zone, listen to your body and see what is right for you.

New exercises

Some of you may find that you aren’t experienced with some of the exercises on the challenge. Take this opportunity to expand your exercise portfolio by learning new moves and techniques that will really push the boundaries of your fitness.


Not going to lie, I had to Google what tricep dips were. But I love adding new challenges to my workouts #FitnessRevolution #Day6

— Hannah Louise (@HannahGetsHench) February 23, 2015

If you’re in the gym, familiarise yourself with an exercise by asking a member of staff to show you how it’s done. Alternatively, if you’re at home, search online to find a video tutorial to see how it’s done. Good form is essential, so make sure you have this down before you try and do speed reps of the exercise or add any weight.

Adding weight

Weights are a fantastic way to make an exercise more challenging. If you are finding something too easy then add a set of dumbbells or a barbell to lift.


Just finished day 2 of the 40 day challenge! 3 sets of 30 #squats with 3kg weights #fitnessrevolution

— Corinne (@skinnedcartree) February 19, 2015


Practise the exercise without any weight for one set to get your muscles used to the movement, then add a weight that you can lift to completion for another set, then rest and repeat. After three sets, you should feel like it is more challenging to complete your sets but not painful or impossible. If you do find that you are struggling to finish, reduce the amount of weight you are lifting.

Ensure that you have nailed the correct form before you start to add weights, you don’t want to add too much pressure on your body if you aren’t performing it correctly, as you might hurt yourself.

Good luck with week two of the challenge! Remember you can always book a free session with one of our experienced PTs, who can advise you on technique, adding weights and correct form. Sign up for a free consultation today.