Get Fit And Have Fun While Watching The Footie

June 20 2016

If you’re a football fan, then you’ve probably had June and July marked out for months: its Euro time! But did you know the Euros are also more likely to bring out unhealthier eating and drinking habits than the summer games in Rio? Research by Fitness First shows that Brits are five times more likely to go to the pub with their mates to watch the footie than this summer’s other major sporting events, and only 24% plan to skip the pints in the lead up to the final, compared to almost half of the British spectators who’ll go completely booze-free when they watch their team in Rio.

It’s not just football though – rugby is equally as bad, with fans consuming almost double the calories while watching a rugby international than they would watching the summer games. However, Tennis fans watching Wimbledon were found to consume the healthiest snacks, consuming a total of 3,821 calories as they watch at match at the tournament.

The Fitness First research also shows that younger Brits have healthier drinking habits, with almost a third saying they’d choose a non-alcoholic drink over a glass of wine or a pint of beer while watching the summer games. However, you don’t need to live on carrots this summer! (Let’s be realistic after all.) With the final of the Euros just under three weeks away, now is the perfect time to put down the booze and get moving. We’ve come up with a fun and easy game that you can do while watching the TV so you don’t have to miss even a second of the action. It’s like a healthy drinking game, minus the messy shots. All you need is your TV, our handy bingo card below and that fiery competitive spirit. On your marks, get set… bingo!



Don’t know your dumbbell squats from your chair dips? Our Ultimate Fitness Guide will guide you through them plus many more. You’ll be Rio ready before you know it! Don’t forget to show us how you get on by tweeting us @FitnessFirstUK. We want to see you touching your toes with every corner kick for some bonus points.