Festive fitness: Weeks three and four

October 26 2015

Guess what? There are only eight weeks left until Christmas! If that thought terrifies you then it’s time to turn your words into actions and get moving.

and our bloggers have had a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Everyone has ups and downs throughout their weight-loss journey; some weeks you’ll drop weight without trying and some will be a battle to lose a single pound, despite all of your efforts.

Let’s see how our Festive Fitness bloggers did this time.

Name Weight loss
Rachel Melton 5.37%
Laura Haley 4.42%
Anjalee Burrows 4.19%
Bel Smith 2.28%
Helen Le Caplain 1.94%
Leanne Fraser 1.69%
MsPrettyLThings 1.22%
Faye Chamberlain 0.51%
Beky Morris -0.73%
Rebecca Wallace -0.81%

Congratulations to Rachel Melton, who is the star of the league table once again. We certainly need to be taking advice from her; she's consistently dropping weight like a pro! We also want to give Laura a huge round of applause for losing 9 lbs in two weeks, you’ll receive a special prize from AYO Beauty for losing so much weight.

Well done to all of the bloggers who are taking part in the challenge! It may not seem like a lot but you’re making great progress and this small weight loss will add up to a significant amount by the time Christmas comes around. Keep eating healthily, exercising regularly and holding yourself accountable by tracking your progress.

For those of you who have gained weight, why not take a look at your eating and exercise regime to see where improvements could be made? It could be that you’ve had a few commitments that have led you to eat more, for example birthdays and holidays, or that you’ve simply had a bad week - we all have them! As long as you can see why you’ve gained weight, you can manage this and alter your habits for the forthcoming weeks. The unfortunate truth is that weight creeps up on all of us, you may have only indulged a few times in the past couple of weeks, but all of these extra calories can quickly add up and result in an unwanted gain.

Tips and takeaways

Festive fitness with DW Fitness Club s

Keep moving

and get moving!

Be consistent

Weight loss is different for everyone so once you find what works for you then it’s important to stick to the same routine. Whether it’s making a healthy lunch every day for work, or going to the gym on certain days, find something that works for you and your schedule.

Know your triggers

Many of us have an emotional relationship with food and we turn to it in times of need. Learn how to recognise your personal triggers and write these down where you can easily see them, such as on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

Keep a food diary

If you still don’t understand why you have gained weight then keep a food and exercise diary for the next two weeks. Write down everything that passes your lips, it may turn out that you are unknowingly consuming more than you think.

Stay tuned to the blog for , plus some tips to help you lose weight.