Festive fitness: weeks nine and ten

December 11 2015

Now let’s be honest, how many people have overindulged during the last couple of weeks?

or GT30 to keep the Christmas calories away.

Let’s take a look at how the bloggers taking part in the Festive Fitness Challenge have done over the last two weeks.

Name Weight loss %
Bel Smith 10.90
Rachel Melton 10.56
Anjalee Burrows 5.85
Laura Haley 4.15
MsPrettyLThings 3.75
Rebecca Wallace 2.50
Faye Chamberlain 2.33
Leanne Fraser 1.69
Helen La Caplain 0.48
Beky Morris -2.86

What a record-breaking two weeks it’s been! The end is in sight but the dedication has not died down. For the first time throughout the entire challenge, our star Rachel Melton has been knocked off her number one spot, so congratulations to Bel Smith who is in the lead and has lost an amazing 10.90% of her starting body weight! Although we must point out that Rachel was still very close behind, as she has lost 10.56% of her starting body weight, so we must say a huge congratulations to her also!

by Christmas Day!

Tips and takeaways


There’s still two weeks left to banish those Christmas puds! Here are a few last-minute pieces of advice.

Think grey, not black and white

Stop taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach to your diet, just because you’ve eaten a mince pie it doesn't’ mean that you have failed and therefore have to consume the entire box. This destructive way of thinking can lead to emotional chaos, which will only encourage you to comfort eat or binge. Start thinking of things in grey, rather than black and white.

Indulge wisely

Christmas means there’s treats all around, whether you’re a chocolate addict, a mulled wine lover, or a stollen fiend, temptation is going to be everywhere at this time of year. Restricting yourself from everything is setting yourself up for failure, so allow yourself an indulgence once in a while but choose wisely. Go for something extra special that you will really savour and enjoy, rather than grazing on everything in sight.

Watch your booze intake

Christmas time generally encourages people to drink alcohol more frequently. If you are struggling to lose weight but find that you are indulging in your favourite tipple more frequently, then it may be time to watch your consumption. Drinking more than 2-3 units a day is not only bad for your health, but it also packs on pounds without you even realising because alcohol is incredibly high in sugar and calories.