Festive Fitness: The Final Weeks

December 29 2015

Another Christmas has passed, and who can honestly say that they haven’t over-indulged this last week?

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Let’s take a look at the final results for the bloggers who have been taking part in our Festive Fitness Challenge!


Name Weight loss %
Bel Smith 15.33
Rachel Melton 10.56
MsPrettyLThings 9.93
Anjalee Burrows 5.85
Faye Chamberlain 4.21
Laura Haley 4.15
Rebecca Wallace 2.50
Leanne Fraser 1.69
Helen Le Caplain 0.48
Beky Morris -2.86


Congratulations to all of the bloggers who have taken part in the challenge; it’s certainly not easy to make such a huge commitment in the run-up to Christmas, with the opportunity to indulge occurring on an almost daily basis. However we are thrilled to see that Bel has absolutely taken the leaderboard by storm, having started in 4th place, with a consistent loss week-on-week. Over 12 weeks Bel has lost more than 20 lbs, averaging 2 lbs a week. It just goes to show how achievable weight loss can be if you stay in the right mindset! A perfect example of how slow and steady weight loss is the key to success.

, and your average turkey weighs around a stone, so congratulations to those who have banished a few puddings!


Tips and takeaways

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It’s not too late to start again

If Christmas has gotten the better of you, don’t be too disheartened. It’s likely that you are now sick of the sight of mince pies and chocolates, so use this time to take a good look at how you can achieve your goals. Draw a line under Christmas and start from today - putting things off until Monday might just get forgotten about, or given up on.

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