Festive Fitness roundup: week five and six

November 11 2015

It's mid-November, which means we can officially start buying Christmas presents, blasting out Mariah Carey and planning our Christmas party outfits.

then there are only six weeks left to go until the final weigh in. With half of the challenge already behind us, this really is the time to make significant improvements to your lifestyle if you want to see those results.

It’s been a good fortnight for the bloggers, as no one has gained any weight and quite a few people have lost enough weight to make a difference to how they feel. Take a look at the top 10 in the table below.

Name Weight loss
Rachel Melton 8.65%
Anjalee Burrows 5.29%
Laura Haley 4.15%
Bel Smith 2.37%
Faye Chamberlain 2.06%
MsPrettyLThings 1.84%
Leanne Fraser 1.69%
Rebecca Wallace 0.82%
Beky Morris 0.74%
Helen La Caplain 0.48%

Once again, we need to say a huge congratulations to Rachel Melton for consistently being the top performer of the challenge. We spoke to Rachel to discover what the key to her success was.

“I'm just really enjoying the challenge. I think I've realised I need to make some changes, especially with regards to food I eat in winter. I've been exercising more than I have any other winter too,” she said.

Bonfire night did not derail the festive fitness challenge with DW Fitness Clubs

As the weather gets colder and the evenings darker, we are all drawn to comfort foods that we wouldn’t normally indulge in. Suddenly, warm puddings and hot chocolate seem like an appropriate after-dinner ritual, whereas a fat-free yoghurt would have sufficed in the past. While it’s fine to have the occasional treat, making yourself feel cosier with junk food is not a good idea in the long run and will quickly add up to some unwanted festive pounds. There are plenty of winter warming recipes that can be good for you, as well as satisfying your cravings. Try making your own sweet potato squash and lentil soup, or test your culinary skills with a meat-free lasagne which swaps pasta sheets for layers of courgette.

Many of the bloggers taking part revealed that they fell off the wagon because of occasions such as birthdays, going on holiday and then, of course, Halloween and Bonfire Night parties. As the festive season approaches, the frequency of food-orientated social occasions will only increase, so it is crucial that you develop your willpower as much as you would any other muscle in your body to find the strength to not give in and indulge in the party food and alcohol!

Tips and takeaways

We want to provide people with the right support and advice to help them stay on track, because being motivated is half the battle.

Tips for DW Fitness Clubs Festive Fitness challenge

Top-of-the-league-table blogger Rachel continued: “I think the posts are helping as they give me a focus. The little challenges & suggestions every fortnight are great too as they give me something different to try that I wouldn't necessarily think of myself”.

Ramp up your exercise

If you are following a healthy diet and still not seeing the weight loss results that you deserve then it’s time to increase your exercise output. Whether you go to your local DW gym a few times a week, or prefer home workouts, we are encouraging you to increase your cardio by 30 minutes for the next two weeks.

take a look to see where your local DW gym is if you’re not already a member.

Set yourself a positive goal

With six weeks to go until the end of the challenge, it’s time to visualise yourself getting into the festive outfit of your dreams. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel in your new clothes after all that hard work! Positive reinforcement is much more powerful than thinking negative thoughts, so you have a free license to start complimenting yourself!

Here’s one I made earlier...

We all know that processed food is filled with sugar, fat and salt. While we’d typically steer clear of ready meals and takeaways, there is also a huge amount of unhealthy ingredients in everyday food we deem to be healthy, like tinned soups and sandwiches. Stay on the safe side by preparing your own sauces, soups and porridge, as these are some of the worst culprits for hidden sugar.