Feeling inspired by the Olympics? Head down to your local DW Fitness Club for free!

August 22 2016

For those of you who were glued to the television screen for the Olympic Games, you’ll no doubt have felt proud that Team GB finished second in the overall medals table. It was extremely inspiring stuff!

Whenever we feel tired, demotivated or at a loss with our exercise regime, there are methods we use to help us get back on the wagon. Whether it’s a Rocky Balboa box-set or a motivational one-to-one in the bathroom mirror, they work time and time again. It’s the same with the Olympics. The Herculean feats of strength, skill and endurance on show are more than enough to get us in the mood for some exercise.

ITV has gone running – come running with us!

This is why, to coincide with ITV’s decision to close down for an hour, DW Fitness Clubs are opening all 78 of their gyms to the general public for free on Saturday 27th August*. Yes, that’s right - free. All you need is motivation. Whether you’ve been part of a gym in the past or this is your first time, everyone is welcome to come along.

ITV are closing all seven of their channels between 9.30am and 10.30am (a great time to burn some calories, no?). All of DW’s excellent facilities will be made available, from the swimming pools (at 72 of the clubs) to the gym floor equipment and group exercise classes between 9.30am and 12.30pm – giving you ample opportunity to come along and kickstart your fitness journey.

Think of it as the nation’s biggest Sports Day

Mr Whelan has urged the British public to get active

It’s part of a campaign to get Brits out of the house and take part in the nation’s biggest ever ‘sports day’. We want everyone to put their new-found fitness bug to good use and visit a DW gym nearby.

Dave Whelan, Owner of DW Fitness Clubs, has always championed the importance of health and fitness and has worked extensively with the local community in Wigan to help the public become more active.

“By making our facilities available to anybody who wants to come along, we hope that those who might not have visited a gym before will enjoy themselves and see this as a first step on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s vital that we make exercise and healthy living more accessible to everyone," he commented.

You can find your nearest DW Fitness Club by using our handy gym locator here.

As part of the nationwide open-doors initiative, 91 DW Sports Stores will be offering 20% off absolutely anything in DW Sports stores during the three-hour period.

*Free access only available to over-18s.


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