DW Fitness supports NHS’s blood donation drive

January 18 2017

We’ve been talking a lot about what you should and shouldn’t be doing if you’ve set a New Year’s resolution for 2017.

While there are plenty of things that you should aim to cut back on, there are a number of good habits that you might like to start too.

Donating blood, for example.

Don’t Just Give Up. Give.

DW Fitness has given its backing to the NHS’s “Don’t Just Give Up. Give.” Campaign.

Nadine Eaton, Head of Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “It’s New Year and many of us will be thinking about the year ahead. Maybe looking to cut down on drinking, eating healthier or are considering joining a gym?

“However, this January, we are asking the nation to consider that what you give, could be more important than what you give up. With less than three per cent of the eligible population actively giving blood, we are asking people to make a resolution that makes you feel amazing and saves lives. Just one hour of your time could save or improve the lives of up to three people.”

Joining the gym and eating better are two excellent goals to set in 2017. But why not add a third target by pledging to give blood too?

Unfortunately, NHSBT data suggests that only 46% of people who registered to give blood in January 2016 actually went on to donate over the course of the year.

Don’t be misinformed!

Aside from this, many Britons seem to rule themselves out of giving blood because they don’t realise that they’re eligible.

An online survey carried out by NHS Blood and Transplant discovered that 20% of people mistakenly believed that they wouldn’t be allowed to donate blood because they have a tattoo. 16% said the same about piercings, while 15% thought they were ineligible because they smoke.

Incredibly, 3% believed that vegetarians were unable to give blood. None of these things are true!

As such, DW Fitness will be raising awareness of what is an immensely important campaign throughout our gyms and across our social media channels.

Mark Cumberbatch, Marketing Manager at DW Fitness, commented: “This is a crucial campaign and one that we’re more than happy to give our backing to.

“It’s apparent that many people start each year with good intentions – whether that involves setting a target to get fit, lose weight, eat better or do something to help others like giving blood. However, statistics show that a sizable percentage of New Year’s resolutions quickly peter out.

“It’s vital that we raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and also help people to stick to their new habits beyond January.”

We recently published an article that contained an abundance of tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. You can read it here.


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