Coming up as the beat drops

January 18 2016

Every January we’re faced with the year’s most depressing day, Blue Monday. However, here at Fitness First we're turning Blue Monday into 'Red Monday' and are encouraging you to sweat out the slump with a mood-boosting workout.

We all know that exercise makes us feel happier and more relaxed (thanks to the endorphins released in the brain after physical activity), but plenty of research suggests that listening to upbeat music also increases happiness and has a positive effect on our mood.

As an added bonus, scientists also say that listening to music whilst exercising distracts the mind from pains in the body and allows people to train harder for longer and even perform better. A study at the University of Brunel suggested that working out to your favourite songs could increase your endurance by up to 15%.

So, join us on Red Monday (and any other day for that matter) for a killer combination to combat the blues: a workout with one of our specially curated playlists. Whichever form of exercise you enjoy, we've got the ideal soundtrack for it!

Yoga and Pilates

Looking for a little Zen? Use this playlist for your yoga, Pilates or stretching practice. There are even a few songs at the end of the playlist perfect for post-practice meditation.


Jog, step, jump or pump along to these steady-paced upbeat songs. This playlist is perfect for a pre-workout warm-up too.


This playlist of epic, quick-paced dance songs will have you running for longer and further than ever run before.

Weight training

Ready to start some intense training? Pump some serious iron to this set of heavy hip hop anthems.

30 minute HIIT

Timed to fit a 30-minute high intensity workout, every song on this playlist will have you moving at maximum speed when you’re not resting.

Power walking

Looking for a little inspiration on the treadmill? This lot will get you moving and possibly even bursting into a jog!