Charlotte Holmes' tips on being confident

December 12 2016

Charlotte Holmes is a fitness model and TV presenter. Here she explains how exercise, nutrition and getting a great night’s sleep has improved both her self esteem and confidence:

Even after all those years of education nobody taught us how to love ourselves and it is so important to do so. But there's no need to panic. The road to confidence and ultimate happiness is one that we can all get on, at any time. Self-love, self-healing, self esteem and self-confidence is all in your control. After all, you are your own destiny!

We are our own worst enemy, however, when it comes to the downward spiral. For example, when we have a bad night’s sleep, we then have an afternoon lull, and we then grab a sugary snack to sustain ourselves. When we finally get home and we're too tired to exercise, we may have a glass of wine (or two) and then, in turn, we have a slightly later night than we should do. And then it all happens again! Sound familiar? Most of us are guilty of getting caught in a downward spiral, and more often than we should do too.

Lots of people ask me how I am always so happy and confident on social media. Firstly, let me remind you that social media is a brilliant but dangerous thing. I love it because it allows me the platform to connect with like-minded people with similar interests, and hopefully it allows me to inspire others. But don't be fooled by the glossy, sugary coating. I have bad days and sad days, and days where I stay wrapped in a duvet. it's called being human. And I've learnt to appreciate all my feelings and emotions all of the time, and I'm learning to recognise why they're important.

For when I'm feeling low in confidence, lacking in energy or wanting some 'me' time and self love, I have five go-to tricks up my sleeve. All five must be completed before I sit and re-assess how I feel. Why don't you give them a go...

1. Sleep

What seems hugely obvious to me, not only because of how I feel after a good night’s sleep, but what has been proven by research also, is that sleep cures a whole host of ills! You can't pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first. Go and allow yourself a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

2. Exercise

Don't be scared by this word, I mean movement! Move your body in such a way that feels good, raises your heart rate and gets your endorphins blasting. It can be walking, running, boxing, cycling, rock climbing, surfing or playing sport. A workout that is fun to do and in a class environment can really fuel motivation. Finding something that suits you is the key to this bit. Exercising should make you smile equally as much as it makes you sweat!

3. Water

Litres of it...  Get it down you. We're over 70% water after all, so replenish the good stuff and flush out all of the body's toxins at the same time.

4. Nutrition

It'll be no surprise to hear that we are what we eat. So nurture the one body that you have. Feed it what you'd feed someone that you love and cherish. Look after it like you would a child, and for that, I promise you it'll love you back.

5. Yoga

This will be the hardest element of the list to tick off for most people. I've only been practicing yoga seriously, in both the physical and emotional sense, for about three years. But during those three years, my outlook on life and my love toward myself and the people around me has changed and grown drastically. It's given me a new perspective to this journey we call 'life' and allowed me a huge appreciation for every last bit of it. Try it. I dare you!

For me, being aware of one's self and being able to love myself (even the less desirable bits) is the key to confidence.

You can follow Charlotte on Instagram at @misscharholmes. You can also read her tips on staying fit and healthy here.