Balance Your Life With Yoga Classes

July 21 2016

Yoga’s combination of stretching, postures and breathing techniques positively oozes health benefits, from improved balance, posture and flexibility, to an increase in muscle strength and blood circulation.

It is also beneficial for mental wellbeing, helping to calm the mind, reduce stress and aid sleep. But how? Well, it’s the combination of controlled breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that form part of this discipline. Those and the postures – when you’re focussing on achieving a camel pose you’re unlikely to be thinking of much else – and so you are concentrating on your senses and body. This helps you to achieve mindfulness, which in turn can help to reduce stress.

Our yoga classes in London and elsewhere cover a range of yoga styles, so there’s bound to be one to suit you. Ashtanga is one of the faster-paced styles, which is particularly effective for detoxing. It also helps to improve circulation, and build strength and flexibility. Hot yoga (Bikram) is practised in a heated studio. It raises your heart rate, which increases blood circulation, giving you a really good detox, as impurities are flushed out of your system through sweat.

The Iyengar yoga technique is great for learning the correct alignment of postures as they are held for longer than some other styles. Regular practice increases suppleness, strength and stamina, and quietens the mind to promote wellbeing. Kripalu focuses on a quiet mind and relaxation through sequenced movements with controlled breathing. Whereas Vinyasa or flow yoga is at the other end of the yoga spectrum, where poses run together into dance-like sequences.

At Fitness First yoga classes are taught by expert instructors who encourage participants to take the class at their own pace. Our sessions are suitable for all abilities, and held in a relaxed, friendly environment, so come and join us. You can even try a yoga class with our free trial guest pass!