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James Skillcorn PT (Sunderland)
James Skillcorn PT (Sunderland)

I'm a highly motivated and passionate Personal Trainer and with my vast knowledge of health and fitness and my own training experiences I can help YOU! reach and fulfil your goals. Whether that is weight/fat loss, build muscle or general fitness. I can offer tailored programmes specific to you and guide you every step of the way.

Personal Trainer

Jonathon Kepke PT (Sunderland)
Jonathon Kepke PT (Sunderland) Personal Trainer

Extremely passionate about the fitness industry. Strongly believe in leading by example. Have 5 years personal training experience. Specialize in: Nutrition in-depth, full body conditioning, kickboxing/boxercise, rehabilitation/injury prevention, sports specific training, power training, kettlebells, plyometrics, flexibility, posture, swimming.

Mark Cook PT (Sunderland)
Mark Cook PT (Sunderland) Personal Trainer

I’m a highly motivated and enthusiastic personal trainer I will work closely with you to set, reach and fulfil your goals whether it’s weight/fat loss, building muscle or general fitness I offer bespoke training sessions tailored to you and your aims

Scott Johnson PT (Sunderland)
Scott Johnson PT (Sunderland) Personal Trainer

I know the importance of enjoying your work out. I will keep you on track, encouraging you to find your great. I am passionate about ensuring that each and every person that works with me reaches and surpasses your goals. I'm a bundle of energy and my enthusiasm is infectious, so look out results, here we come!

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