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Personal Trainer

Cory Ramage PT (St Albans)
Cory Ramage PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

Health and fitness is my passion, after I went exploring the world I realised that I could help change people’s lives through fitness and nutrition. There is no better feeling than bringing out the best in peoples abilities, after getting qualified in exercise referral I can now help people with specific medical conditions and make a positive impact on their lifestyles.

Doug Plunkett PT (St Albans)
Doug Plunkett PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

As a 3 x Ironman Triathlete and Experienced Runner I help members achieve their fitness goals, ranging from their first 5k run to their Ironman/Ultra Marathon. Some just want to lose weight and tone up for that special occasion. I have over 12 years experience as a endurance athlete and i have been a personal trainer for over 5 years so my clients have all the expert advice they need.

Elliot Quirk PT (St Albans)
Elliot Quirk PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer for over 4 years now. My sporting background is as a semi-professional rugby player. I played for over 15 years, from grass roots to the top level. I’ve played for Queensland Reds academy, Leeds Carnage academy and Blackheath rugby club. I also went to university in Leeds and studied Sports Coaching. In my approach a mix of different training is key to all round healthy lifestyle. That is why I help people to include weight training, Hiit, crossfit, aerobic training and yoga as a great blend and mix for a healthy lifestyle.

Ester Urso PT (St Albans)
Ester Urso PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

My passion in the health and fitness industry came about when I managed to lose over two stone of unwanted weight. I was never a strong, fit or healthy individual, In fact, I was the complete opposite. When I achieved my own goals, I decided to turn my own weight loss journey into the best career I could have dreamed of. I want to make sure I make a difference in all my clients lives, making sure they become a fitter version of themselves, making each and every session fun as well as challenging. Whatever the goal, whether it is fat loss or whether it is Strength building I can help.

Glenn Wright PT (St Albans)
Glenn Wright PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I work with 25 - 35 years old men & women who struggle with weight loss. I offer private & semi private training. Which allows me to help them by educating & creating a training plan looking at everything needed to get serious results. Because of this they are no longer frustrated wasting money on training & nutrition plans that don't work. My clients receive long lasting results & are empowered & educated along the way.

John Rambotas PT (St Albans)
John Rambotas PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I have been involved in fitness most of my life. I have competed in athletics at national level, played tennis professionally and also competed as a physique athlete. Leading by example and practising what you preach, I feel, is a necessity for any trainer and I do my utmost to adhere to this. I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist and feel nutritional support is an important aspect of achieving goals and helping individuals feel better, thus improving their quality of life.

Margarita Saidis PT (St Albans)
Margarita Saidis PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

Margarita specialises in weight loss and body transformations. If you want to get stronger and feel firmer then she is the PT for you! Margarita believes that working out should be tough but also enjoyable which is why her fun and friendly way of training will keep you coming back for more

Mark Edgar PR (St Albans)
Mark Edgar PR (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I aim to deliver a results based workout that is customised to each individual’s needs, using up to date research for an enjoyable yet rewarding programme. I will help motivate and educate clients to optimize a healthy lifestyle by highlighting good nutritional food choices and methods. The client objective is to become more physically active through realistic and measurable goal setting.I will ensure a professional, personal and honest service with a passionate and enthusiastic approach toward each client’s wellbeing.

Norbert Miskovitis PT (St Albans)
Norbert Miskovitis PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I create tailored and progressive training and nutrition programmes for each individual client.

Rob Devenport PT (St Albans)
Rob Devenport PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved in fitness for over 25 years, from grass roots level to an international athlete.I am passionate about helping people, my focus is for complete body transformation using the most effective and efficient techniques. Using functional training, working multiple muscle groups so my clients are fit for sport, life, or whatever their goals maybe. My philosophy is to achieve the maximum results from the effort put in, whilst having fun. My clients generally see a significant change in 8 weeks. Recent testimonials are available upon request, so please come and have a chat and find out more

Simon Amphlett PT (St Albans)
Simon Amphlett PT (St Albans) Personal Trainer

Having come from a keen sporting background in tennis and football, training has always been part of my life. It is my ambition to help any person or athlete reach their full potential, and have fun in the process. My philosophy is, if you train like an athlete, the result will be looking and performing like one. I also work with St Albans RFC doing their Strength and Conditioning.

General Manager

John-Paul Lee (St Albans)
John-Paul Lee (St Albans) General Manager

John-Paul or JP as everyone knows him! Has worked for Fitness First for nearly a decade! Don’t worry he still keeps himself feeling young by training daily. He likes to lead by example and gets involved in all aspects of running the club.

Guest Services

Josh Cox (St Albans)
Josh Cox (St Albans) Guest Services

Josh has worked in a number of Fitness First clubs and brings a wealth of experience and excitement to the team. He is here to answer all your membership questions and loves to help people so make sure you ask for him if you need help!

Member Services

Louisa Veasey (St Albans)
Louisa Veasey (St Albans) Member Services

Louisa looks after all our member queries however don’t think for one second she is stuck in an office! She will be out at the front of house or gym floor leading by example. She has a passion for fitness and wants to compete on stage one day!

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