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Personal Trainer

Bart Zolunski PT (Poole DW)
Bart Zolunski PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I have a back ground in physiotherapy. There are many reasons to start exercising. What ever you want to improve on, from, sports performance, weight loss or just look better. I can help you achieve your goals.

Cihan Gecmez PT (Poole DW)
Cihan Gecmez PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years, and really enjoy my role, as I can see the difference I make in my clients wellbeing .I aim to support my clients by listening to what they want to achieve.

Dominic Meacher PT (Poole DW)
Dominic Meacher PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

Because you’re smart you know there must be a better way to train, a better way to improve your confidence, improve your health, fitness and your body. I believe in that too, call me to get started!

Edipo Silva PT (Poole DW)
Edipo Silva PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I'm passionate for fitness and sports. I enjoy helping and guiding people to achieve their goals, using my experience and my specializations. I love to see results and work with different types of people and I'm always looking for a challenge.

James McIntyre PT (Poole DW)
James McIntyre PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I am a coach who has a passion for helping people transform their lives and bodies. My role as a coach is to help support, motivate, inspire and educate my clients to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Jethro Hegarty PT (Poole DW)
Jethro Hegarty PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I specialise in fat loss, building lean muscle and overall body transformation. From teaching completing how to use the gym, to advanced athletes building the dream physique. Also advanced nutrition and abdominal training.

Ricardas Mongela PT (Poole DW)
Ricardas Mongela PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

Keen to share my knowledge on sport science and practical experience of fitness in weight control, toning, muscle gain, fat loss. Also can guide methodically on nutrition throughout fitness journey. Mainly using bodyweight training, calisthenics, crossfit and bodybuilding.

Sam Kay PT (Poole DW)
Sam Kay PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I am passionate about people and I would absolutely love to be part of your fitness journey , to be the best you, you can be. I have been personal training for 4 years and specialise in weight loss and gym based boxing.

Stuart Kenchington PT (Poole DW)
Stuart Kenchington PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

From losing 8 stone myself, I can empathise with my clients and understand the emotional and physical challenges, specialising in MMA fitness and pad work, sports injuries, weight loss, strength training, functional training and speed and agility training.

Will Barker PT (Poole DW)
Will Barker PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

If you lack motivation then I would make a great trainer for you! I make sure every session is different, to give variety and keep you guessing. I'm a black belt 1st Dan in judo and karate and teach gym based boxing.

Faranek PT (Poole DW)
Faranek PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I want to help you be the HEALTHIEST version of yourself. I specialise in weight loss and weight management, toning/ sculpting, strength training and core strength. My program design will take into consideration your time, interests and limits to ensure better quality of life, wellness and many more smiles.

Ben PT (Poole DW)
Ben PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I am a level 4 Strength and Conditioning and Olympic weight lifting coach. I focus on taking people to that next level and showing where improvements can be made. With many years of experience in high standard kitchens, I am able to give healthy food advise that surpasses the boring nutritional fads

James Mankee PT (Poole DW)
James Mankee PT (Poole DW) Personal Trainer

I left a well paid job in insurance because I have a passion for Health and Fitness. Since qualifying, going full time at DW, I have helped dozens of people do things they thought they'd never do, surpass goals they didn't think they could reach, and every day feel better about themselves both inside and out, in head and heart.

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