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Personal Trainer

Aaron Swift PT (TCR)
Aaron Swift PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

Working as a Personal Trainer since 2008, I have years of experience with many clients looking to Gain Muscle, Lose Weight or Increase Strength and am extensively qualified to work with a range of individuals with different conditions including; Obesity, Asthma, COPD, Arthritis, Hypertension, Depression, Stress & Anxiety. Whatever your goals, we can achieve them with a structured, organised training programme and nutritional guidance. Aiming to remove complication & confusion, I will provide simple, step-by-step instructions which will not only help you to achieve your goals but maintain them

Adam Cider PT (TCR)
Adam Cider PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

Having the capacity to be able to help train and coach people into a pain-free lifestyle is something that I pride myself on. Tutoring clients and patients to not only understand how and why they move the way they do, but also help anyone rectify the physical problems that they have on hand by ensuring that the move safely, by doing so everybody has opportunity to overcome any pain or physical issues they may be suffering with. Everybody's body will move incorrectly regardless of your physical history, but learning how to make exercises efficient, will reduce the risk of injury!

Dan Parker PT (TCR)
Dan Parker PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I have been training people for many years and in that time, through tried and tested programmes I have achieved many great results. Using correct exercise prescription and solid nutritional advice I have devised systems, which are both effective and achievable for the average working person. I have also trained elite athletes from professional body-builders to a Miss Fitness World Champion

Ernest Leigh PT (TCR)
Ernest Leigh PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

In my past twelve years as a qualified Personal Trainer I have always ensured I pushed my clients to their absolute limits, and enjoyed seeing them over come the mental barriers they once had. For a goal to be achieved, there is much more to training than a routine. If you are not challenging your body, if you are not pushing hard and giving it your all, if you are going to the gym to only to get a routine out of the way your wasting time.

Eugene Lum PT (TCR)
Eugene Lum PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I offer specialised training through a variety of exercise from different disciplines including karate, kick boxing, strength & conditioning, cross training,body toning and weight loss. With 20 years of martial arts training my philosophy is to motivate and empower you to start your own fitness journey and work through challenges to reach your ultimate fitness goals through knowledge sharing. In my sessions you won't just enjoy working hard but you'll have fun learning how your body can work best to help you smash your fitness or competitive goals.

Faily Blackman PT (TCR)
Faily Blackman PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

Challenging current habits is the key to achieving the physique we desire.... The key to achieving your fitness goals is as simple as having an efficient training programme and nutrition plan. However it helps to enjoy the process. I work with my clients to find a training style they enjoy and adapt this to their specific goals. My philosophy as a coach is to build, strong fit and capable humans beings for the rest of there lives

Gary Phelan PT (TCR)
Gary Phelan PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

By using a blend of resistance, circuit and callisthenics training, I’m confident that I can improve your overall fitness, strength and aesthetic look. Providing positive motivation during sessions and ensuring good technique is used at all times, I create programs that are tailored made to your goals. A patient and committed mind set is key to your success. Let’s take your training up a notch and get started!

Georgia Gray PT (TCR)
Georgia Gray PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I know what it’s like to struggle with confidence and to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I suffered with an eating disorder and spent a lot of time miserable and feeling terrible about myself. Educating myself in nutrition and exercise helped to get me out of that rut. I then decided I never wanted anybody else to feel the way I’d felt. I truly believe that education is the key to confidence in the gym and shifting the focus from aesthetics to strength and performance is the way to get you feeling confident, strong, capable and enjoying your workouts. The aesthetic results will then come as a by-product.

Giuseppe Provino PT (TCR)
Giuseppe Provino PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I am callisthenics and gymnastics expert specialised in body transformation, body-building and skill related training. My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them on their journey to a healthier life. Using a functional, yet fun approach I’ll help give you an edge. An edge in performance, and edge in health, and an edge in life.

Rob Spencer PT (TCR)
Rob Spencer PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

Personal Training combines my passions for helping and teaching people, with my love of sport and exercise. As president of my University Rowing club during my Sports Science degree I led 30+ rowers to excel in high level sport and now I help people become stronger and healthier versions of themselves. My coaching is based on 3 pillars: Honesty, Commitment and Perseverance. I will teach you the techniques and movements that allow you the strength to move without restriction or pain.

Shiv Patel PT (TCR)
Shiv Patel PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I have a direct approach to coaching working with clients who are serious and committed to their goals. With a commitment to my clients goals as if they were my own, I adapt to any clients needs using bespoke training programs, correct lifting techniques and effective nutrition plans. I have a professional and focused attitude that gets the most out of those serious about achieving their goals. When you train with me, an amazing body and optimum health will be the reward of hard, consistent training, and nutrition tailored to your specific body type and personal goals.

Viktor Genov PT (TCR)
Viktor Genov PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I'm a callisthenics expert specialised in body transformations, body-building and skill related training. I pay attention to details and always seek excellence. I'll help you achieve goals beyond your expectation's and realise your full potential.

Vladlens Kukjens PT (TCR)
Vladlens Kukjens PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

From an early age I have been into sports, dedicating my self to help and motivate people to achieve their goals mentally and physically. With over 8 years experience I have transformed both athletes and total beginners by focusing on specifically tailored training methods. Whether you are struggling to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule, or need some one-to-one guidance and support I will be with you all the way from the start to the finish of your fitness journey. All I want from you is dedication, discipline and strong desire to be the best version of yourself. Lets start today

James Salazar PT (TCR)
James Salazar PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I love helping people achieve their goals mentally & physically, giving them a greater understanding of their bodies. I have positive outlook on life and believe anything is achievable with the right attitude and personalised program I develop for my clients. I use a smart training approach that will guide and coach you to a safe and effective training to achieve your goals with my 16 years' experience as a personal trainer. I coach from beginners who have never stepped in a gym before, people coming back from injuries & rehabilitation to elite athletes. The best part of my job is watching my clients grow and progress in their goals but also growing to love and enjoy the process and reaping the rewards as they are consistent which is the key to success.

Jordan Young PT (TCR)
Jordan Young PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I've been training members in this gym for many years now, my clients get the best results because I train them how I train myself. I do strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, callisthenics and gymnastics whilst also drawing on my expertise in Muay Thai kick boxing. I also coach tennis. The results of my programs are a strong, supple, lean body, great mobility and flexibility.

Julian Molteno PT (TCR)
Julian Molteno PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

My love of the gym, pumping iron and all things body-building started 36 years ago, and decades later is going stronger than ever. Over the years I have trained many body types, from competitive female body-builders to a gentleman in his 90s and everything in-between. So why are we in the gym? To be healthy, energetic, happy and positive. To have a functional, injury free body and to look and feel good whatever our age or shape. Learning classic weight and strength training, then pushing hard, but not too hard, sounds easy but achieving the correct balance can be quite tricky.

Kam Lee PT (TCR)
Kam Lee PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I started my fitness journey at the age of 16, with pure intentions of self-vanity and gaining attention. Through trial & error and experience, I gradually learnt that fitness is not just about vanity, but building self confidence, structure and discipline. Also during this time, I gained interest in Power lifting. My main goal is to teach people that fitness is not a journey of vanity but a journey of constant self improvement, which can be developed through consistent training and focus.

Lewis Paris PT (TCR)
Lewis Paris PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

Lewis is a living legend! He takes the time to create a plan that is realistic and always makes sure you have the basics down. Before you know it, you've nailed those exercises that you watched on instagram and you've laughed the entire time you were in his company. Struggling to lose weight & tone up? Tired of endless cardio & light weights? START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY with a 30min consultation and get your 1st session free!

Maira Miranda PT (TCR)
Maira Miranda PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I have been involved in various types of sports throughout my life such as Olympic Gymnastics, Surfing and dancing. I believe I am in the business of helping people to gain confidence, both physically, emotionally and mentally. The abs and bums will come as consequence. I specialise in functional training and nutrition coaching aiming to educate you into those topics to help you achieve that toned body and most importantly sustain it.

Olly Banks PT (TCR)
Olly Banks PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I use my knowledge and experience to deliver one-to-one sessions that are both challenging and enjoyable. I know when and how to be firm to ensure you reach your SMART goals. My training will push you and help you to achieve lasting result. The sessions will be tailored to fit your ability and ambitions. I have a holistic approach towards diet and understand the importance of wanting to look and feel better.

Peter Chlopek PT (TCR)
Peter Chlopek PT (TCR) Personal Trainer

I work on weight loss and strength routines for clients that are at the start of their journey and want a patient, understanding trainer but also with experienced athletes. Mainly focus on real core control for beginners to improve posture/technique and avoid injury. I try to keep my sessions varied and interesting, working with a wide range of exercises, tempos and strengths. I specialise in Strength and Conditioning training in addition to functional training as this can help you in daily activities using various equipment and body weights. In my own time I practice Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit.

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