Meet the team London Clapham Junction Station

Personal Trainer

Matthew Shannon PT (Clapham Junction)
Matthew Shannon PT (Clapham Junction) Personal Trainer

Matt is a highly experienced fitness event instructor and personal trainer. He believes in and prides himself on getting his clients to achieve consistent and sustainable change. He relishes motivating, supporting and encouraging his clients using first class training and nutritional advice. Whatever your goals are Matt can help you achieve them with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. If Matt is not in the gym training he will be skating in Hyde Park as he is a keen skater. Please feel free to say hello.

Ashley Springer PT (CJS)
Ashley Springer PT (CJS) Personal Trainer

12 Week Transformation, fat loss, Body Shaping, H.I.I.T

Joel Subuliba PT (CJS)
Joel Subuliba PT (CJS) Personal Trainer

Building muscle mass, Weight loss, Functional Training, H.I.I.T training, Body toning, Speed and Agility

Paul Chipp PT (CJS)
Paul Chipp PT (CJS) Personal Trainer

Functional Rehabilitation, Nutritional Adherence, Performance Enhancement, Fat loss

Ilona 'Cilu' Vago PT (Clapham Junction Station)
Ilona 'Cilu' Vago PT (Clapham Junction Station) Personal Trainer

Having worked with individuals with disabilities for 16 years I’ve learnt a lot about how the body moves and functions. I have successfully helped to develop movement for all kinds of people with different needs and facilitated their progress towards independence. I believe that everything starts within; a strong mind equals a strong body. The stronger we are (both physically and mentally) the more resilient we become! I am a Personal Trainer and a Group Exercise instructor. Over the years I have learnt the importance of solid foundation for more effective training. To maximise our training potential, we must improve our core strength and stability to achieve better movement control and functionality.


Adam Janowski (CJS)
Adam Janowski (CJS) Fitness

His roots lie in Rugby, representing England at both league and union at academy level. He is the strength and conditioning Guru of the club! Always on hand, and happy to give some advice and support.

Liam (CJS)
Liam (CJS) Fitness

Come and chat to me about anything fitness!

Member Services

James Hamsher (CJS)
James Hamsher (CJS) Member Services

A bigger and younger version of Simon! He's been training his whole life and wouldn’t know what to do without it. Always ready to motivate & inspire.

Natalie Rampersaud (CJS)
Natalie Rampersaud (CJS) Member Services

The longest serving member of the team. Natalie's motto is Live, Love, Laugh.

General Manager

Simon Morgan (CJS)
Simon Morgan (CJS) General Manager

The Captain, the Gaffer, El Jefe. If Simon's not in the office, you’ll find him on the gym floor throwing heavy weights around...feel free to join in.

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