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Personal Trainer

Alex Evans PT (Dunstable)
Alex Evans PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

I am an enthusiastic trainer who specialises in weight loss and muscle gain! Whatever your fitness level and goal I will put 100% effort into helping your achieve them. • Weight loss • Muscle gain • Strength training • Toning • Rehabilitation • Core strength and stability • Nutritional advice

Amy PT (Dunstable)
Amy PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Fitness is about health, wellbeing and learning to find confidence in yourself. I am a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter how big or small your goal may be. It is ‘Personal’ to you, the training, the results, the transformation, the positive attitude, the lifestyle change. Of course everyone want’s to look their best, but personal training is about the whole package.

Andre Nelson PT (Dunstable)
Andre Nelson PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2014 and come from a competitive athletics background. I have a huge passion for helping people. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or even just looking for a new approach to health fitness, I can show you what you need.

Anthony Meader PT (Dunstable)
Anthony Meader PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Anthony, I’ve been PT’ing for around 9 years. I started training people mainly after my own weight loss story as I battled with my weight all my life. I’m not saying training is going to be easy but I’m saying I’ll make it fun and you smile along the way, contact me for your taster today.

Christopher Hannon PT (Dunstable)
Christopher Hannon PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

I am a newly qualified personal trainer eager to train as many people as possible to improve my skills along with helping you achieve your goals. I specialise in Strength, weight loss, muscle gain and general form correcting. Im friendly and easy going but will push and motivate you along with my adapted workout plans.

Dionne Manny PT (Dunstable)
Dionne Manny PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

My passion for health and fitness lead me naturally to Personal Training. I am a footballer, I played for Tottenham now play for Luton town ladies FC and coach youth football. So, whether it’s weight loss or muscle build you want give me a call. I welcome all genders and fitness abilities and I guarantee you will have fun. I am available for one one to one or group sessions. Weight loss~ toning~ muscle build~ functional training~ boxing~ spin~ metabolic circuits~ rehabilitation~ nutritional advice~ speed training~ core strength and stability. Healthy body and healthy mind.

Hussain Parkar PT (Dunstable)
Hussain Parkar PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer since 2013. I have experience/specialise in the following: Insanity Coach, weight loss, muscle gain and toning, nutritional advice, strength training, cardiovascular training, core strength and stability, conditioning, circuit training, kettlebell training, boxing training, flexibility, HIIT and rehabilitation

Kirsty PT (Dunstable)
Kirsty PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

I have experience in coaching a wide variety of clients from pre/post-natal to physique transformation and bodybuilding all with individual mindsets and goals. Fitness means something different to everyone and by working hard with my clients I ensure they are working to be the best possible version of themselves. I believe in hard work and consistency and with a positive mindset anything is achievable. I will work close with you to achieve real results whilst educating you throughout with sessions consisting of workouts tailored to your goals to ensure you get the outcome you want.

Zoe PT (Dunstable)
Zoe PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Just like you I know how daunting a gym can be when you first begin. I got into fitness as I was unhappy and wanted to make a lifestyle change. If you have goals I can help you. Work with me to become happy, healthy and confident.

Ladislav PT (Dunstable)
Ladislav PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Achieve your goal physique, lose body fat, gain muscle and take your fitness to the next level by using a structured plan implementing functional, compound movements often used by athletes while having fun in the process.

Laurence Goldberg PT (Dunstable)
Laurence Goldberg PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

Although new to personal training in the public sector I have 30 years experience in training police officers in fitness, personal safety and close protection. I am a keen enthusiastic trainer whos passionate about helping others in achieving their goal. I look forward to working with you.

Nic PT (Dunstable)
Nic PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

I have been working at DW as a PT since November 2011 after graduating from the European Institute of Fitness at the age of 18. I specialise in, weight loss, strength training, injury prevention, cardiovascular training, HIIT, nutrition and functional training

Tomasz Czerwinski PT (Dunstable)
Tomasz Czerwinski PT (Dunstable) Personal Trainer

My name is Tomasz (Tom), first of all please don’t be scared of coming up to me and saying hello. I am more than happy to have a chat with you, I am a gentle giant. I have been training for many years and have gained a huge amount of knowledge that I wish to share with everyone. If you are interested in weight training, fat loss, and general fitness or learning some martial arts skills I would be honoured to help you. I have had many setbacks in my career, back in 2010 I suffered some serious injuries which meant that I couldn’t train. I put on a lot of weight and ended up 27 stone and extremely obese. I went through a lot of sweat and tears and by 2012 I had lost seven stone. I then went on to become two-time Heavy Weight British champion in MMA. I know how hard it is to overcome challenges, I am more than happy to help overcome yours. All you need to do is send me a message or come and have a chat with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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