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Personal Trainer

Amanda Vickers PT (Derby)
Amanda Vickers PT (Derby) Personal Trainer

My aim is to help you reach your full physical potential. We will work closely together through a tailored fitness programme, designed to keep you motivated. I specialise in weight loss and body fat reduction, muscle sculpting and strengthening, circuit training

Anthony Spalding PT (Derby)
Anthony Spalding PT (Derby) Personal Trainer

I'm a Level 4 personal trainer and a qualified strength and conditioning coach with a background in kickboxing, competitive power lifting and strongman. So whether you're looking to get stronger, sharpen up those skills or just lose a little weight, I'm your man.

Fez Ahmed PT (Derby)
Fez Ahmed PT (Derby) Personal Trainer

Know what your goal is but don't know what to do in the gym? This is where I come in! Training with me is fun, but intense. I'll also make sure you a routine to follow between sessions!

Jonathon Ackerley PT (Derby)
Jonathon Ackerley PT (Derby) Personal Trainer

Want to get strong? The goal? To get you strength in body and mind. Giving you skills and confidence you never thought possible. I specialise in strength coaching, mma fighting, sports rehab, diet/fat loss, all with proven results!

Lucy Ferris PT (Derby)
Lucy Ferris PT (Derby) Personal Trainer

Finding exercising boring? Struggling to reach your goals? Look no further, not only are my sessions tailored to your ability and your personal goals, I aim to make them enjoyable, bringing the fun back into your workouts whilst pushing you to your limits.

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