Meet the team Bangor Northern Ireland

Personal Trainer

Jonathan Rutledge PT (Bangor NI)
Jonathan Rutledge PT (Bangor NI) Personal Trainer

I’m Jonathan, a personable and friendly trainer who specialises in exercise for fat loss, muscle development and functional movement training. I have years of training experience with different methods and believe in an all round, balanced approach to health and fitness that is enjoyable but gets results. As your trainer, I am here to teach, motivate and encourage you towards achieving a physically healthier lifestyle.

Shelley Keenan PT (Bangor NI)
Shelley Keenan PT (Bangor NI) Personal Trainer

I'm an energetic, fun and approachable trainer who will strive to get you the best results possible. I specialise in body fat reduction, weight management, strength and conditioning, core conditioning, nutrition, indoor cycling, Les Mills Bodypump, boxercise, HIIT

Personal Trainer

Robert Lynn PT (Bangor NI)
Robert Lynn PT (Bangor NI) Personal Trainer

I am passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals through progressive, structured, varied programmes that use a mix of cardio, weight training, boxing and circuit exercises. So if you're looking to try something different give me a shout

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