Swiss Ball Class

Also known as stability ball, it challenges balance and core stability levels, helping strengthen the whole body.

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Training with a gym ball is a great way to improve balance and posture, all the while conditioning and toning your muscles. When practicing exercises such as push ups and planking, the arms, legs and core are engaged. However, when practicing such exercises with the use of a gym ball (also known as an exercise ball and a Swiss ball), those muscles work even harder as the body tries to stay balanced.

Including a gym ball in your workout ensures that you engage essential muscles used for running, lifting, throwing, reaching and carrying. The gym ball is also beneficial for those working out with back, neck or other spine injuries. The ball can support the lower back when exercising and therefore prevent any strain being put on the affected area.

In this class we'll take you through a series of exercises using the swiss ball to challenge and activate your core muscles. 


Our Swiss Ball classes last for 30 minutes


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