Functional Fitness Class

A resistance based class that will work the body to develop functional strength for everyday life.

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Take a Functional Fitness class at DW Fitness First

A resistance based class that will work the body to develop functional strength for everyday life.  Using the concept of Dynamic Movement Training (DMT) this class utilises the body’s natural movement patterns with 3 dimensional multi-plane exercises. In this class you can use purely body weight or add resistance for greater benefit. Increasing your muscle activation through functional training is more energy demanding for accelerated weight loss, and enhances performance in life and in sport -  the more we move dynamically, the better we function and the better we feel!  

So, whether you want to burn calories, increase your strength or just simply get fitter, Functional Fitness is an all-round workout that anyone can do. Whether you want to get back into exercise after an injury, are looking to burn calories, want to improve your posture, strength or stamina, Functional Fitness is the ideal class for you.

Our 30-45-minute, medium-intensity class develops strength and endurance levels using a range of different freestyle equipment. Learn how to prevent injuries, improve joint stability and increase your flexibility. A typical class involves a series of bending, pulling and twisting exercises, mixed with bursts of cardio and co-ordination moves.

Functional Fitness is a great introduction to strength training. If you’ve never tried it before, our expert instructors will guide you through every movement and show you how to safely use equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls, as well as how to use your own body weight effectively. The exercises are interspersed with rounds of cardio, as well as short rest times.

Regular Functional Fitness classes will improve the health of your cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, and build up strength to prevent injury. It’s a dynamic calorie burning workout, designed to help you shed excess fat and build lean muscle. After a few sessions, you’ll find you have better posture, balance and agility.

For those who want an all-round workout and don’t like repetitive routines, Functional Fitness is for you. No two classes are the same so you’ll never be bored. You’ll be able to learn new exercises, work different parts of the body and improve your existing technique, all under the guidance of our professional trainers.



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