BodySculpt Class

A low impact strength class that uses a mixture of barbells, dumbbells and your own body weight to tone, strengthen and reduce inches!

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Take a BodySculpt class at DW Fitness First

Our Body Sculpt class promises you a strong, lean and toned figure with the added benefit of an all-body workout.

Body Sculpt helps you achieve your dream body through a series of medium intensity exercises using barbells, dumbbells and your own body weight. Rather than lifting huge weights or running for miles, Body Sculpt aims to keep you long and lean, toning your abs, legs, arms and everything in between.

A typical 45-60 minute class involves a light warm-up, followed by reps of compound exercises using the big muscle groups. You’ll then move onto upper body and isolation exercises, with the class finishing with a full body stretch.

Body Sculpt is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Our professional trainers offer modifications for beginners, while Body Sculpt pros can take their workout to the next level by adding extra weights or resistance with bands. It’s the ideal class to combine with other more cardio-intensive workouts to really get the heart pumping and the muscles working.

Contrary to what you may think, Body Sculpt won’t bulk you up. The class ensures you target muscle groups that aerobic exercise often leaves out. Benefits only achieved through strength training include increased metabolism, loss of excess body fat and lower risk of heart disease.

If you sit at a desk all day or live a rather sedentary lifestyle, Body Sculpt can help to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, leading to better posture and alleviating any aches and pains. Working on your core muscles also supports your spine, making you less prone to injury too.  

After a few weeks, you’ll see added definition in your arms, legs, glutes and abs, as well as increased fitness levels and core strength. Body Sculpt is designed to tone, condition and strengthen your whole body.

Be sure to check for more class information and upcoming class times at your local DW Fitness First gym. 


Our BodySculpt classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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