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Increase your energy and calm the mind with gentle Yoga stretches, postures and poses. Learn how breathing techniques can calm the mind; increase your mobility and flexibility.

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Originally a Hindu discipline, yoga is the practice of a sequence of different postures, stretches and breathing techniques. At Fitness First, we offer yoga classes at most of our gyms and those classes are available to members of all ages and fitness abilities.

The benefits of practicing yoga have been proven for many years and include improved flexibility, balance, posture and bone structure, as well as increased muscle strength and blood circulation. Yoga is also beneficial for mental health as the practice incorporates meditation, which helps to calm the mind, aid sleep and reduces stress.

We teach a range of yoga styles across our health clubs including powerful and dynamic Ashtanga yoga, intense and detoxifying hot yoga, posture-focussed Iyengar yoga, mindful and energised Kripalu yoga, power yoga and non-stop Vinyasa Flow yoga. Most classes also involve meditation (usually at the end of a class) and relaxation techniques.

Yoga classes at Fitness First run from 45 minutes to one hour and are open to a mixed ability. Yoga practice is low-impact and non-competitive, so every class is held in a relaxed, friendly environment. All of our yoga sessions are taught by expert instructors who encourage participants to take the class at their own pace.

We also have a range of virtual classes at some of our clubs


Our Yoga classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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