Tai Chi Class

Helps lower stress and anxiety levels and increase energy. A series of slow, controlled movements and postures help build muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility

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Take a Tai Chi class at DW Fitness First

PRACTISE THE ANCIENT ART OF TAI CHI to develop both inner peace and outer strength. This 13th century Chinese martial art strikes a perfect balance between exercise and relaxation, combining deep yogic breathing with slow and gentle movement. Try it and see exactly why it’s stood the test of time.

During Tai Chi classes you’ll focus both body and mind on a series of controlled movements and postures, developing muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility. Meditating on the movements will bring calm and clear your mind of the stresses and distractions of the day.




TAI CHI is an exercise for all, easing beginners in gently with steady, low impact sequences. There’s no stress or strain put on joints in Tai Chi, and it’s been proven to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Tai Chi is also a good choice if you’re recovering from an injury and need a gentle form of exercise to keep you active.


Don’t mistake Tai Chi for a soft option though. The Chinese masters take a lifetime to perfect the subtle movements and bring mind and body into perfect balance – not an easy task in these hectic times!

Slow down, de-stress and find your inner Zen at a Fitness First TAI CHI class.


Benefits of TAI CHI

Gently build strength and reduce stress with the ancient martial art of Tai Chi

  • Low impact – no stress or strain on joints
  • Build strength and flexibility from head to toe
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Aid relaxation
  • Practise meditation techniques
  • Learn self-defence moves
  • As gentle or challenging as you want
  • For all ages and abilities



Calorie Burn

Be prepared


Mat provided

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