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Hot Pilates is an alternative treatment for back pain which encompasses the basic principles of Pilates and Yoga but utilises a room temperature of 35 degrees or more.

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Hot yoga classes

Unlike a regular yoga class, hot yoga is the practice of traditional yoga positions and breathing exercises performed in a 36°C heated studio. 

Though the added element of heat sounds like a daunting addition to the practice of yoga (which at its most dynamic can be very challenging), high temperatures can be extremely beneficial to the body. Sweating throughout the class detoxifies your skin; plus, the heat also elevates your heart rate and warms your muscles to make stretching easier. 

All hot yoga teachers at DW Fitness First are expertly trained and offer the highest level of teaching.  The type of practice can vary by instructor and will likely be different from class to class, helping to keep things fresh and bring you a new challenge each week.



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Frequently asked questions

What is hot yoga? 

As the name suggests, hot yoga is a form of yoga that takes place in a hot studio — between 30 and 40°C in fact! This class incorporates traditional stretches, poses and holds, challenging you to maintain your form and keep your cool in the heat. This full-body workout will build muscle, improve core strength and heighten flexibility. 

What are the benefits of a hot yoga class?

Hot yoga may feel uncomfortable at first for a beginner, but the class has a number of benefits. Physically, you’ll improve your flexibility, heighten your muscular strength and build your bone density. Plus, it’s a proven mood booster, helping to alleviate stress and combat depression.

What can I expect from a hot yoga class?

As the name suggests, expect to get hot! In a hot yoga class, you’ll learn a specific series of poses and moves that rely on your muscular strength, just like regular yoga. The difference, however, is that you’ll be performing these positions in very warm conditions. Bring a towel and plenty of water — and prepare to get sweaty.

How many calories can you burn in a hot yoga class?

In an hour of hot yoga, you can expect to burn roughly 300—500 calories per hour. This total number of calories burned will depend on how intense your workouts are as well as your physical fitness levels.

Do I need to have experience?

No. You will likely find it easier to get started if you have some knowledge of basic yoga positions but our hot yoga classes are open to beginners, so there’s no need to worry if you’re new to the exercise. However, if you find it difficult to cope in the heat or have a history of heatstroke, consult your GP before taking part.

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