Salsa Fitness Class

Burn calories fast with this vibrant and vigorous Latin American style dance class. Improve hip flexibility and work your glutes while combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

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Take a Salsa class at DW Fitness First

Spice up your exercise routine with some hip-swaying salsa dancing. Aside from finding your rhythm and learning some slinky new moves, salsa is also a great way to get fit and have fun.   Each class is designed to help you lose weight, have fun and get fitter, and is for all fitness levels and abilities. 

Sign up to one of DW Fitness First’s vibrant and vigorous salsa classes and you’ll burn calories shaking your hips, tone your glutes with squats and get a cardio workout as you sway and shimmy across the room.

Salsa is a popular dance style from the Caribbean, incorporating moves from Cuban Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and Puerto Rican bomba. It involves lots of intricate footwork and isolating of the upper body to work the core.

Our talented dance instructors put together fast-paced routines featuring traditional salsa choreography as well as aerobic and anaerobic exercises to give a full-body workout. Set to upbeat Latin American music, our 60-minute mid-intensity classes focus on hip flexibility, balance, co-ordination, core strength and agility. 

From pro dancers to those with two left feet, our salsa classes let you get your groove on in a non-competitive environment. Whether you attend solo or with a group of friends, salsa is where you can let your hair down, party and have a good time as well as work up a sweat.

Many of DW Fitness First gyms offer regular salsa classes, so check out your class local gym’s timetable today.   




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