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Increase strength, flexibility and endurance with this easy to follow dance-based class. The simple choreography includes different styles of dance.

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Take a Dance class at DW Fitness First

From Zumba to banghra, salsa to Cuban, burn calories and boost your mood at one of Fitness First's many free dance classes. This fun filled, dance aerobic workout will have you burning calories without even realising!

Fun and uplifting, dance is a great way to lose weight, tone muscle and improve stamina. High and low intensity intervals really get the heart rate going, and with routines involving the arms, legs and glutes, dance makes for a great all-body workout. It's also the perfect exercise for those wanting to better their posture, flexibility and agility.

Dancing is almost guaranteed to lift your mood too, what with the feel-good endorphins released when you exercise mixed with happy, upbeat music.

At Fitness First, we offer a huge selection of dance classes including Zumba, rumba, bhangra, salsa and urban street dance. At each session you'll learn set routines along with new dance moves to add to your repertoire. There's no need to worry if you don't master the routines at first however, as the atmosphere at all of our dance classes is relaxed and sociable, and freestyle is encouraged – we just want you to have fun.

Interested in trying out a class? With a Fitness First trial pass, you can take part in one of our classes, including a Zumba class, for free. Simply request a trial pass and we will book you in for a free dance class at the gym of your choice.

Our classes are taught by expert dancers and fitness trainers, and run for 30 minutes to just over an hour. All abilities of fitness are welcome – how hard you work and how much you sweat is up to you!



Our Dance classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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