Vibe Box Class

Vibe Box is a fitness class that includes punch and knee strike combinations, cardio fitness, agility, strength and group interaction and fun.

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Put your fists up and box to the beat in our energetic, testing your strength and cardio endurance in this fast-paced boxing based workout.

At DW Fitness First, our Vibe Box class combines kickboxing techniques and fast-paced music to keep you pumped up and ready for action.

You’ll receive a total full-body workout, thanks to a combination of knee strikes and punches timed to the beat of each song. With this class, you’ll develop your strength, agility and overall cardio fitness in a friendly and fun environment.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Vibe Box class, check if one is available at your local DW gym and get involved in a workout that will have you throwing shapes, as well as punches.



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