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Improve agility, speed, co-ordination and power with this intense workout originating from Thai martial arts. Hip rotation is key for all blocks, kicks and punches, meaning you get an intense core workout at the same time.

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Take a Muay Thai class at DW Fitness First

Looking to try some Thai martial arts? Our explosive Muay Thai classes will kick, box and whip you into shape. 

Even if you think martial arts really aren’t your thing, you can still give Muay Thai a go. A combat sport originating in Thailand, Muay Thai is an intense all-body workout that combines kickboxing, throws and wrestling moves. The practice improves agility, speed, co-ordination and power while increasing your overall fitness levels.

Over 45-60 minutes, you’ll work your arms, legs and core, as well as using your fists, elbows, knees and shins to strike and defend yourself. Our programme includes partnered exercises on the ground, as well as utilising a variety of equipment. Not only does it burn calories and increase muscle tone, but Muay Thai is also a great self-defense class.

All levels and genders are welcome to our DW Fitness First Muay Thai classes. Our highly-trained instructors can cater the exercises to your strengths and skills. You’ll use a variety of equipment such as pads and Thai clinch bags, as well as incorporating cardio and drill exercises to boost your fitness levels. Hip rotation is key for all blocks, kicks and punches, meaning you get an intense core workout as well. After a few classes, you’ll notice increased stamina, improved flexibility and agility, muscle toning and fat loss.

With plenty of partner activities, Muay Thai is a very sociable sport. Join up with a buddy or make a whole new group of friends as you tumble each other to the ground. – it’s the best ice breaker around!



Our Muay Thai classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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