Boxfit Kick Class

Learn boxing and kick boxing techniques, use focus pads, kick shields, heavy bags and complete circuit style training to increase your heart and lung function.

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BoxFit - kick is a high intensity cardiovascular gym floor based class using a hybrid of boxing, kick boxing and bootcamp drills.  BoxFit – kick hits home stress relief, sweat inducing calorie burn, muscular strength and a strong core. The training programme is focused around 4 components that keep you on your toes:

  • ‘Warm, Skills and Drills’- footwork, slips/ducks, shoulder and hip mobility, rotation and basic upper and lower body strikes ensuring the body is ready for the moves to come.
  • ‘Combinations’ – expert instructor demonstrations leading to focus pad  based boxing combinations.
  • ‘Circuit’- great stations, heavy bags and boxing and kick boxing combinations with fitness related exercises ensuring maximum reward for minimal time.
  • ‘Finisher’- Exactly that, a 3 minute final round to finish your session off in style.
  • ‘Cool & Stretch’- boxing and kick boxing related stretches are applied focusing on the areas that were worked to promote increases in their flexibility & mobility.

The rewards and benefits of kick boxing are great, including increasing competency in a skill, an exercise discipline that is also classed as a sport and rewards & benefits such as enhanced cardiovascular fitness, improvements in body composition, strength and hand-eye co-ordination as well as decreasing stress.

Kick Boxing is a sport and form of exercise that works across all 3 planes of movement including frontal, sagittal and transverse. As a result of this kick boxing acts an incredible full body workout that ensures you are using your core at all times. The increase in recruitment of muscle fibres being used in this training mean that you get stronger and leaner at a quicker and more efficient pace than you would with other traditional types of cardio and weights training that concentrate mainly on the two frontal and sagittal planes of movement. You also burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after a BoxFit – kick workout than you would after a steady state exercise session.


Our BoxFit - Kick classes last up to 45minutes


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