Virtual Spin Class

Join us for this ride where you’ll get a fantastic workout.

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Take a Virtual Cycling class at DW Fitness First

Join us for this virtual spin class where you’ll get a fantastic workout. Improve your heart and lung efficiency, whilst strengthening your legs. Using stationary spin bikes combined with great music and screens with images of fantastic scenery. Instead of an instructor you'll be taken through the class by a 'virtual' instructor and you'll be taken to new surroundings as your studio experience is transported to mountain ranges, climbing through the hills or cycling along the beach. Where will your next class take you? You'll find advanced, beginner and intermediate versions in some of our clubs and as with a normal spin or cycling class you can adjust your resistance on the bike to vary the intensity levels during the session.


Our Cycling Virtual classes are 30 to 60 minutes


What to bring



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Sweat Towel

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