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Improve your distance, speed and technique, while building endurance and improving aerobic fitness levels. Explore your competitive side in this group environment.

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Take a Running club class at DW Fitness First

Looking to improve your running technique? Training for a marathon? Or need some extra motivation? If so, our Running Club class is for you.  

From marathon runners to sprinters, first-timers to gym junkies, Running Club is the place to be. The 60-minute class is dedicated entirely to all kinds of running training including, long-distance, fartlek, short-distance, interval, hill climbs and sprints. Train in a friendly group environment where you can cheer, race and learn from your fellow runners.

During the class, our expert running coaches will put together training programmes adapted to your fitness needs. You’ll be able to run harder, better, faster and stronger, improving your distance, speed and technique. The workout will help build endurance and stamina, as well as giving you a good dose of cardiovascular exercise and increasing your aerobic fitness levels. Running on treadmills can be tough, so our running club actually gets you out and about, really getting the blood pumping and the motivation going. Rain, hail or shine – nothing stops our Running Club.

At a DW Fitness First Running Club, shave seconds, or even minutes, off your personal best and make some great new running friends along the way. The healthy competition ensures you stay on top of your game and push yourself to your limit each time. Go head-to-head with the rest of your group, or encourage others while you take a quick break. You’ll be placed in a group according to your running times and needs, so you’ll be able to make some new like-minded jogging buddies. 

Whether you’re training for an upcoming race or simply want to get fit in a fun environment, our Running Club guarantees results. You can check out times and dates at your local gym.



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