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Try our exclusive Pro Cycling class and experience the essence of cycling like the Olympians.

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Take a Pro Cycling class at DW Fitness First

Try our exclusive Pro Cycling class and experience the essence of cycling like the Olympians. In this 40 minute group exercise session you will experience technique, speed, power, endurance and strength training block’s before going for Gold in ‘The Race’.

Our Pro Cycling classes are split into 5 sections

  • Intro and warm up - a short class explanation and breakdown which flows into 'tecnhique' pointers for participants which is also used as a warm up
  • Training - a 30 minute training section broken down by each fitness discipline - Technique, Speed, Power, Endurance and Strength
  • Race preparation - a short explanation of ‘The Race’ layout along with technique, gear and pedaling expectations, to ensure the intensity is at the right level for you to get the most out of your workout
  • Race -  A ‘one off’ opportunity for everyone in the class to go head to head, and put the learning’s from the training phase to good use
  • Cool Down - Muscles aching, mind captivated - this is a time to sit back and stretch it out!

What will you get from Pro Cycling?

TECHNIQUE: Learn to cycle efficiently to gain results quicker

SPEED: Working on acceleration and top end RPM will ensure you can snap your rivals off your rear wheel when it matters. Speed training is also a whole lot of fun

POWER: Using high gearing combined with maximum efforts will allow you to improve your ‘watt output’ - a key factor in Pro Cycling. You will also burn a serious amount of calories

ENDURANCE: Often neglected in many cycling programs, stamina is key in ensuring you last the course. Find a constant cadence, a good gear and put the heart, lungs and legs to the test over a long and challenging ascent

STRENGTH: Shying away from very high gears and a continuous tension in cycling is common. Those who choose to implement it into their training receive fitness benefits aplenty




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