Outdoor Circuit Class

Improve heart and lung function in a programme design that members will feel comfortable in as it replicates a floor design seen in clubs.

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Take an Outdoor Group Training Circuits class at DW Fitness First

Taking your class out of the studio or gym floor and into our open spaces and park areas brings another dimension to your training, allowing you to experience a different environment to help you go further. 

Our Outdoor Group Training Circuit classes are based around a work, rest period: 45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest

Each circuit consists of around 5 stations, some based on body weight exercises others using equipment such as the GUN-eX Cobra, battleropes and resistance bands and combined with agility drills. 

The exercise will remain the same at each station for a maximum of 3 sets, once 3 sets are complete at each station the instructor will change the exercise and move participants around the circuit




Our Outdoor Group Training Circuits classes can last between 30 and 45 minutes


Calorie Burn

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