Outdoor Breakout Class

React to the instructor call and sprint the maximum distance possible in 15 seconds. Collect team points by reaching different distances and catching the instructor.

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Take an Outdoor Group Training Breakout class at DW Fitness First

Outdoor Group Training Breakout is based around a work, rest period: 45 seconds repetition work, 15 seconds run work, 15 seconds rest. The number of stations in Breakout is 4 – Bodyweight, Resistance bands (TRX for clubs), SAQ, and GUN-eX Cobra

Members can choose to complete any station for their repetition-based exercise. Members will attempt to run as far as they can in 15 seconds to score points (on their return run they must start at the line they finished on):

150m = 1 point

200m = 2 points

250m = 3 points

Catching the instructor = 10 points

Once a member has completed their repetition station and run their selected distance, members will rest together and then complete the same core exercise at the same time


Our Outdoor Group Training Breakout classes are 30 to 45 minutes


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