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Master the basic moves of Freestyle. You’ll leave feeling a burn & looking forward to which piece of kit you will explore next.

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Take a Freestyle Group Training Explore class at DW Fitness First

Find motivation from training with others for an efficient and progressive workout. Offering interactive and energetic sessions, Freestyle™ Group Training incorporates the latest equipment and trained fitness staff. These classes are a great way to work the whole body and improve overall fitness.

Freestyle Group Training Explore allows you to master the fundamental moves of freestyle training before applying them to our exciting freestyle equipment. You’ll leave feeling a burn and looking forward to which piece of kit you will explore next to maximise your results.

Perfect for beginners, those new to freestyle training or those wanting to learn some new moves to freshen up their routine.

You'll be coached through a series of body weight movements to perfect your form and feel the correct effects of each exercise before moving on to the same exercise with a piece of freestyle kit.  Examples of equipment that could be used in your class are ViPR, sandbags, kettlebells, TRX




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