AGT Power Class

Explosive exercises that encourage you to reach new heights and personal bests every time.

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Take an Athletic Group Training Power class at DW Fitness First

Explosive exercises that encourage us to reach new heights (literally) and personal bests every time. Recruiting maximum muscle fibres for each repetition, resulting in an explosive athlete.  

The AGT Power class focuses on power based performance training. There are 4 other AGT classes to choose from each focusing on a different discipline

The classes are designed to last 25 minutes and therefore providing you with maximum results in minimum time. The equipment, technology and exercises on offer have a huge range of progressions which ensure you always feel challenged during the sessions. You not only have the option of which discipline of AGT class to attend but also the choice of how hard you work, whether on your own or with friends using weighted or non-weighted exercises. We will continually give you feedback to motivate you. This may come from the infra red timing gates or from on hand 1:1 / group instruction from our highly qualified fitness team and PT’s, allowing you to advance your workout if you see fit.



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