Aerobics Class

A high energy class using fast-paced movements, sequences and steps

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Take an Aerobics class at DW Fitness First

A high energy class using fast-paced movements, sequences and steps; it’s a great fat burning activity while improving stamina and muscle tone. Variations include the use of the stepper and light dumbbells to make it a total body workout. Searching for a fun way to burn fat? Head to one of our aerobics classes and work up a sweat to some of your favourite songs. It might not be as trendy as Zumba or yoga these days, but aerobics is still a brilliant way to burn calories, improve stamina, condition muscle and strengthen bones. Energetic and fast-paced, aerobics involves completing a set sequence of steps and exercises that work multiple parts of the body. The different steps often involve weights, dumbbells and boxsteps, which tone the arms, legs, core and glutes. A Fitness First aerobics class is guaranteed to leave you in a good mood too. Although the aerobics routines are set to work you hard, the atmosphere is always fun and relaxed, and thanks to the upbeat chart hits and the uplifting endorphins released in the brain when you work out, aerobics is the ultimate stress buster. We offer aerobics classes at most of our gyms, which run for 45 minutes to an hour. All of our classes are taught by expert fitness trainers and all equipment is provided. Plus we have virtual options in some of our clubs featuring a warmup, series of aerobic moves and finally stretching.


Our Aerobics classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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