Aerobics Class

A high energy class using fast-paced movements, sequences and steps

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Aerobics classes

Aerobics is a high-energy class using fast-paced movements, sequences and steps. It’s a great fat-burning activity that builds stamina and muscle tone. If you’re looking for a fun way to stay in shape, look no further. Head to one of our aerobics classes and work up a sweat to some of your favourite songs.

Although the aerobics routines are set to make you work hard, the atmosphere is always fun and relaxed.  With a combination of upbeat music and the release of uplifting endorphins, aerobics is the ultimate stress-buster. Our aerobics classes run for 45 minutes to an hour and are taught by expert fitness trainers.


Our Aerobics classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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Frequently asked questions

What is aerobics?

An aerobics class relies on following an instructor and combines the disciplines of cardiovascular training, strength conditioning and flexibility to create a balanced workout formula. An element of dance is often incorporated in aerobics as well as fitness equipment like a step. 

What are the benefits of an aerobics class?

Aerobic exercise offers a number of fantastic benefits — some obvious and some less so. As well as improving your cardiovascular system and helping regulate your weight, an aerobics class can boost your immune system, your mood and even your brainpower.

What can I expect from an aerobics class?

An aerobics class will have you following an instructor who will guide you through each exercise. With a mixture of cardio and strength training set to upbeat music, aerobics classes are a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun.

How many calories can you burn in an aerobics class?

As a rough figure, you’re likely to burn between 450 and 700 calories in an hour-long class. The total number of calories you’ll burn in an aerobics class will depend on your input and whether you’re involved in low-impact or high-impact aerobics. 

Do I need to have experience?

No. You’ll start off with beginner movements and your instructor will walk you through each exercise.

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