Water Yoga Class

This is an exciting new concept in the holistic and body work forum. The blend of water, yoga style poses, breath and mind work are an emotionally balancing experience.

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Great for any level of experience, this water-based take on the classic Yoga class adds another element to the popular workout.

At DW Fitness First, our Water Yoga classes take the traditional Hindu discipline and give it an aquatic twist. Whether you fancy the dancer position or are in the mood for warrior pose, the addition of water to these classic yoga exercises creates a whole new experience.

Not only does the buoyancy of the water make the workout easier on your joints, but, the gentle waves and natural sounds make it effortless to slip into a meditative state as you’re steadily rocked on the pool’s surface.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Water Yoga class, check if one is available at your local DW gym and experience a new take on an old classic and relax your body and mind.


Out Aqua yoga classes can last between 45 and 60 mins


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