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Our range of classes will inspire you to explore new training styles and techniques, while keeping you motivated with other like-minded members. We have a wide choice of classes that are a great complement to any training programme. Each fitness class has its own advantages depending on what you’re looking for. If you need help deciding, you can get more details about each class below.



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Cardio Burn

Whether you want increased energy or reduced stress, cardio training (otherwise known as cardiovascular or CV training) helps you live a fitter life while strengthening your heart and lungs. From interval workouts to endurance exercises, cardio train

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A high energy class using fast-paced movements, sequences and steps

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Help increase your strength and aerobic fitness levels with this true hybrid class. Multiple circuit stations combine resistance training with muscular endurance and strength building.

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Our exclusive new Spin Glow is our 'party on a bike' class that offers something very fun, unique and equally varied. Use our weighted 'Velobells' and dance your way to a full body workout like no other.

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Shape your body and burn fat with strength training. With the right equipment such as free weights or simply using your body weight as resistance, you can improve your overall health while increasing muscle and bone strength.

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BODYPUMP™, the original LES MILLS™ barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you'll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.

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Legs Bums & Tums

Improve the tone, shape and firmness of these three key areas with this complete aerobic workout that features lunges, crunches, and squats.

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20 20 20

A great all-round class to give you a full body workout with 20 mins cardio, strength and toning

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Mind and body

Increase your energy and calm the mind with gentle stretches, postures and poses. Learn how the breath can calm the mind; increase your mobility and flexibility whilst building muscle strength and stamina.

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Increase your energy and calm the mind with gentle Yoga stretches, postures and poses. Learn how breathing techniques can calm the mind; increase your mobility and flexibility.

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This class will help to improve posture, strength and flexibility with a focus on stretching and strengthening the whole body.

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Ashtanga Yoga

A slightly more vigorous style of yoga; synchronise your breathing with a progressive series of postures, sun salutations, and poses.

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Combat Sports

If you’re looking for a workout that can burn fat, tone your muscles and improve your dexterity all in one, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn fast reflexes, co-ordination skills and self discipline martial-arts-style.

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Ju Jitsu

A high intensity full body workout where you will learn grappling moves and techniques, helping to improve speed, flexibility, and strength.

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Develop core strength with boxing techniques and drills; an all over cardio and strength training workout, it helps improve endurance, co-ordination and stamina.

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A Japanese martial art form using punches, kicks, strikes and blocks to improve co-ordination agility, and to strengthen your body.

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Although being in water makes you lighter, it also increases the amount of resistance against you - so our pool based classes are great for cardio and toning! Working out in water also means it's low impact on your joints and is completely different

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Aqua Zumba

A low impact option for the joints, enjoy classic Zumba moves, while surrounded in water to act as resistance.

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Gentle on your joints and great for toning up, Aqua is a cardio and conditioning, pool based workout

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The FloatFit HIIT class is a 30 minute workout including burpees, lunges, squats, aquaclimbers, v-sits…. all on water! This low impact, cross training class gives you a fun full body workout whilst using the AquaBase mat on the water.

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Fun and uplifting, dance is a great way to lose weight, tone muscle and improve stamina. High and low intensity intervals really get the heart rate going, and with routines involving the arms, legs and glutes, dance makes for a great all-body workout

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Ballet Fit

Develop and improve co-ordination, flexibility, posture and suppleness using form and techniques from classical ballet, yoga and Pilates.

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Dancing with a partner to a selection of ballroom inspired dances, following strict tempos combined with dipping and lifting moves, work the upper body, whist improving strength and tone in the glutes, quads and calf muscles.

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Belly dancing

Sculpt and tone your core muscles by working your hips and stomach. A workout that keeps your body constantly moving, improving hip flexibility and rotation, whilst elevating your heart rate.

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An active and fun session with a variety of cardio exercises to improve kids’ fitness levels and agility, whilst boosting self confidence and social skills.

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Kids Karate

Encouraging both mental and physical development; children are taught martial art skills, self discipline and perseverance, with encouragement throughout to help them achieve their goals.

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Kids Class

An active and fun session with a variety of cardio exercises to improve kids’ fitness levels and agility, whilst boosting self confidence and social skills.

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Kids Circuit

A fun and active session with various circuit stations helping to increase flexibility, co-ordination and overall fitness levels.

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